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Woman finds dead mother’s insurance company still debiting account

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Richmond senior Brenda Jones lives on a fixed income, where every penny counts.

That’s why she has been fighting so hard to get her hands on the money that she says was debited from her bank account.

She said it was no mystery who was taking her money.

“I noticed American General was still taking money out of my account,” she said.

A bank account Jones once shared with her 94 year-old mother, of whom she was the caretaker.

But 11 months ago her mom died, and her American General policy took care of her mom`s expenses.

Jones thought that was the last of her dealings with the company.

A red flag went for Brenda when she said she went into the bank to get a statement and saw money withdrawals made on her account, by her mom`s insurance company. Debits that she said she knew shouldn`t have been on there.

“Then he said wow Ms. Jones, they`ve been taking this money out since February and your mom died at the end of January.”

Jones contacted the insurance company, provided a death certificate and a letter asking the company to stop debiting her account. She said back in September, and a few times after that, she was assured it would be fixed in seven to 10 days.

She said in October the company took out $26.14 and the same amount in November.

Jones said she recently spoke with a representative, who told her the debit had been stopped.
An American General insurance representative said:

“We are committed to resolving this matter for Ms. Jones ….working with our client to transfer ownership of the account and establish proper address information. Premium drafts have stopped and we are completing the necessary process to issue a refund.”

Jones is excited to hear that news.

"Me talking to them made no difference, I had to get in touch with Problem Solvers to get this taken care of,” she said.

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