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Family adopts Fort Lee soldiers for Thanksgiving

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Some lucky soldiers from Fort Lee got a taste of home this Thanksgiving.

Kendra and Joe Ellison adopted one dozen military women from across the country who could not make it home to enjoy Thanksgiving brunch and dinner.

Before the food was served, the Ellisons and the soldiers, who came from as far away as Texas, California and North Carolina, paid their respects at the Virginia War Memorial.

The soldiers were grateful for the family’s generosity.

“A lot of people can`t go home for Thanksgiving that is the tough part about, but when you have people around you that you have something worth fighting for it is awesome. It is the best feeling ever,” Pvt. Taylor Abrone  said.

Kendra Ellison said she enjoys hosting the troops each year.

“A lot of good food. A lot of conversation [and] getting to know one another. Talking with one another, because a lot of them didn`t know one another before this morning.”

The Ellisons normally adopt two or three soldiers on Thanksgiving, but decided to expand the group this year.

The couple has been adopting soldiers for the holiday for five years.