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RICHMOND, Va. -- A grand opening was held Friday by a new Richmond business owner who is barely able to walk.

Meet two-year-old Parker Brewer.

Parker now owns two candy machines inside of his father’s coffee shop, Brewer's Cafe located in Richmond's Manchester district.


Parker father AJ, says he wanted to get him started young to teach him the fundamentals of running a business and says Parker's Candy Stand has been a success so far.

AJ and Parker

AJ and Parker

"He's gotten his Grandma to come see him, a lot of our number one customers have come to support him,” said AJ. “This lady brought in a roll of quarters and spent all of the quarters on candy. It's been great, man, it's been unbelievable."

Parker's Candy Stand currently sells M and M's and Skittles, but they hope to expand to candy machines around the city.