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RICHMOND, Va. -- Hundreds of people, young and old, attended a Veterans Day ceremony at the Virginia War Memorial on a postcard pretty Friday morning.

"A Celebration of Service" was scheduled at 10 a.m. at the memorial on South Belevidere Street where Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe spoke.


"When you think about Virginia, I want you to think about veterans," said Gov. McAuliffe.

Korean Navy veteran Tommy Sammons carried a large American flag and said he has never missed a Veterans Day ceremony.

"A lot of people just forget," he said. "I do everything I can to honor them, you shouldn't forget people like that."

Organizers said this is a chance to honor those who so honorably served.


Civilian Flo Sizemore, with two grandsons serving overseas, attended the ceremony alone and said she never misses an opportunity to honor those who chose to serve and protect.

"It just does my heart good to come out," said Sizemore, "It humbles you really. When you shake their hand they're very grateful."

Gov. McAuliffe also remarked that Virginia is one of the few states in the nation that has eliminated veteran homelessness. He said Virginia has about 800,000 veterans that served all five branches of the military.