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Ambulance called to Chesterfield voting precinct (PHOTO: Heidi Page)

Ambulance called to Chesterfield voting precinct (PHOTO: Heidi Page)

CHESTER, Va. — A voter who wanted to make sure his voice was heard this Election Day insisted he be allowed to cast his ballot before being taken to the hospital by Chesterfield Fire and EMS.

An ambulance was called for the voter, described as an older gentleman, who was experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath while waiting in line to vote, fellow voter Heidi Page reported.

“As I saw all of it happening, I said a little silent prayer for him and his wife, that he’ll end up being okay,” she wrote on Twitter.

Page was unsure whether the man had to be taken to the hospital because she left the Chester polling place before the situation was resolved.

A spokesman for Chesterfield Fire and EMS later confirmed the man was taken to Chippenham Medical Center for treatment.

The man’s condition has not been released.

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