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Shaynefully Delicious White Chocolate Nutter Butter Ghosts

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RICHMOND, Va. – Fan Favorite Shayne Rogers served up another tasty and festive Halloween treat in the kitchen this morning just in time for the holiday, White Chocolate Nutter Butter Ghosts on a stick.

White Chocolate Nutter Butter Ghosts on a Stick.
1 family size package of Nutter Butter sandwich cookies
1 lb. white chocolate candy coating (sold in the baking aisle)
Mini chocolate chips
Black, orange and green chocolate wafers
Sanding sugar
Thin wooden sticks
Place the sticks in the end of each cookie, being careful not to break the cookies.  Break the candy coating into pieces and place in a microwavable glass measuring cup.  Melt it for :30 at a time, stirring each time until the candy coating is evenly melted and very liquid. Dip each cookie in the candy coating almost completely.  I like it when some of the cookie shows through, if you don’t, dunk the whole thing.  Stand the dipped cookies up for about a minute to let the chocolate almost set.  Then you can start to decorate.  Use the chocolate chips for eyes and melt the chocolate wafers and give the cookies a second dunk.  Also, place the melted wafers in a plastic bottle and use to make a face or stripes on the cookies.  You could dust with the sanding sugar in holiday colors and random patterns.  Let your imagination go wild.