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How the donations of each RVA Mayor candidate stack up

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. –  Richmond mayoral candidates have entered the homestretch of the race with election day just under a month away, and the latest campaign finance reports have been published. Since January, the total money declared by candidates in the mayoral race is $1, 643, 327.

For the first time since June, candidate Levar Stoney did not raise the most money. He was surpassed by Jack Berry, whose campaign raised $160,758 from Sept. 1 to Sept. 30, 2016.

Stoney was only slightly behind, though, and raised $127, 396 in the same period.

That brings Stoney’s total to a historic $737,044 raised since he announced his candidacy in April. The most recent finance report brings Berry’s total amount fundraised to $536,199.

Most mayoral candidates have received a majority of funding from local donors.

Berry’s largest donation this filing period came from RPAC of Virginia, the political action committee of the Virginia Association of Realtors, as an $17,500 in-kind donation. His largest recent cash donation was $7,500 from David Cottrell.

Two of Stoney’s largest recent donations –both $10,000 – came from Common Good VA, Governor McAuliffe’s PAC, and from the Home Building Association of Richmond.

Joe Morrissey, a frontrunner in terms of public polling, raised the third highest amount this period, with $51,875. His campaign finance reports total $194,806.

Aside from a $15,000 contribution from Morrissey’s own firm, his largest recent donation was in-kind for $19,000, from Nathaniel Riddick Withers IV, the owner of Wythken printing.

Withers and Wythken have given a total of $72,900 to Morrissey’s campaign, through in-kind printing donations, which equates 37 percent of Morrissey’s combined donations. CBS 6 reached out to Mr. Wither for comment but has not heard back. Such donations aren’t uncommon for the company, who last year made approximately $50,000 in-kind printing donations to candidate Alexander McMurtrie Jr., who was defeated in the primary by Daniel Gecker.

Jon Baliles has so far raised a total of $91,450 for his mayoral campaign. The top donations to his campaign have come from “Baliles for Richmond City Council” and from his family.

Candidate Michelle Mosby has in 2016 raised $35,284 total. Her largest cash donation this filing period was $2,500 from Ivor Massey. Her top donation this campaign was $5,000 from political consultant Paul Goldman, Joe Morrissey’s law partner.

Most of the money recently given to candidates Bobby Junes and Bruce Tyler, who dropped out in late September, was from themselves. No reporting was available for Lawrence Williams, throughout the year.

The next finance reports will be filed on Oct. 31, ahead of the Nov. 8 election.

Raised in Sept. 1 to Sept. 30

  • Jack Berry – $160,758
  • Levar Stoney – $127,396
  • Joe Morrissey – $51,875
  • Jon Baliles – $20,137
  • Bruce Tyler – $18,250
  • Michelle Mosby – $9,083
  • Bobby Junes – $1,350
  • Lawrence Williams*

Raised in 2016, total

  • Levar Stoney – $737,044
  • Jack Berry – $536,199
  • Joe Morrissey – $194,806
  • Jon Baliles – $91,450
  • Bruce Tyler – $45,824
  • Michelle Mosby – $35,284
  • Bobby Junes – $2,720
  • Lawrence Williams*

Number of donors in most recent period (cash and in-kind)

  • Levar Stoney – 203
  • Jack Berry – 173
  • Jon Baliles – 25
  • Joe Morrissey – 17
  • Michelle Mosby – 10
  • Bobby Junes – 2 (self)
  • Bruce Tyler – 0
  • Lawrence Williams*