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Accused cop killer teen posted about disgust for police on social media

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ST LOUIS, Mo. — The man accused of killing Officer Blake Snyder is 18-year-old Trenton Forster. He has a pending felony drug case and is now accused of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

In his own words, Forster talked about killing people and about his disgust for the police. In fact, it seems Forster was a person determined to get a gun, KMOV reported.

KMOV has spoken with two people who say Forster asked them for guns. Forster’s own social media sites offered a chilling look at his mindset. One tweet from Forster said “I want f*** the police carved on my grave.” Other posts point out getting drunk and smoking weed. Another references a “.40 cal weapon, sending all of my enemies to hell.” And one says “I’m gonna kill them all, just watch.”

These are some of the frightening posts from the man now accused of killing Officer Blake Snyder.

“If someone told me it was him, I would have guessed it was him,” said a former classmate of Forster.

People who know Forster say there were many warning signs.

“Him and his girlfriend were always getting into fights. He was pretty violent, screaming at people in school, getting in trouble, stuff like that,” said the former classmate. The classmate went to school with Forster in the Lindbergh School District in the past and lives across the street from where Forster was staying the past few weeks.

Forster is facing a pending charge from nearly a year ago for felony possession of marijuana.

We went to Forster’s address listed on court documents, but no one answered.

People in the neighborhood said it’s all a shock.

“Yeah, it’s a normal family,” said one neighbor.

It is unclear exactly how Forster got the weapon involved in this case. Prosecutors also say an exact motive is still under investigation.