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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- The annual Virginia State Police Memorial Service was held Thursday morning to honor troopers who died in the line of duty.

A new portrait for was unveiled during the ceremony for Trooper Nathan-Michael Smith. The 27-year-old was killed in the line of duty Sept. 21, 2015.

Jennifer Smith, Smith’s widow, said she loves his picture.

“I thought that that really honors him, in such a great way, it's very lifelike, wonderful," Smith said.

A poignant video recorded shortly before Smith died of him speaking about his children was played at the event.

Trooper Nathan- Michael Smith

Trooper Nathan- Michael Smith

“He was very committed to his career as a state police trooper, but he was more called to be a husband and a father,” Col. Steven Flaherty with Virginia State Police said.

State police also honored 13 other troopers by displaying their portraits.

John Marshall was Ricky McCoy's roommate when they were in the academy.

"Thirty years since we lost Trooper Ricky McCoy, who was shot during a violator stop on Interstate 81 on January 3rd, 1986,” Marshall said.

The annual memorial service honors the men and women of the department who have died in the line of duty, including Trooper Chad Dermyer, who was shot and killed March 31 the Greyhound station in Richmond.

His portrait will be unveiled during next year’s ceremony.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Smith's widow said Thursday's event was important family members of the fallen.

"I think it kind of makes it more public for everybody to see how gracious the Virginia State Police have been, because they have been at the house, they have been there to call and be a comfort through the whole process,” Smith said. “I think today just culminates the great things they've already been doing since the accident."


The names of 62 troopers were read at the ceremony. The first one dates back to 1928 and the last happened on March 31, 2016.

Remembering the Fallen

List from Officer Down Memorial Page website.

Trooper Chad Phillip Dermyer
EOW: Thursday, March 31, 2016
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper II Nathan-Michael William Smith
EOW: Monday, September 21, 2015
Cause: Automobile accident

Master Trooper Junius Alvin Walker
EOW: Thursday, March 7, 2013
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Andrew David Fox
EOW: Friday, October 5, 2012
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper Adam Maynard Bowen
EOW: Friday, June 24, 2011
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper Mark David Barrett
EOW: Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Cause: Drowned

Senior Trooper Robert A. Hill, Sr.
EOW: Friday, November 24, 2006
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper Kevin Carder Manion
EOW: Saturday, February 18, 2006
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Michael Todd Blanton
EOW: Wednesday, January 29, 2003
Cause: Vehicular assault

Senior Trooper Charles Mark Cosslett
EOW: Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Cause: Motorcycle accident

Trooper II Daniel Lee Williams
EOW: Sunday, December 12, 1999
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper II Jessica Jean Cheney
EOW: Saturday, January 17, 1998
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper II Gregory Patton Fleenor
EOW: Thursday, December 12, 1996
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper Henry Noel Harmon
EOW: Tuesday, February 7, 1995
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper II Jose M. Cavazos
EOW: Wednesday, February 24, 1993
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Jerry Lynn Hines
EOW: Monday, February 20, 1989
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Jacqueline Vernon
EOW: Tuesday, August 16, 1988
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper Harry Lee Henderson
EOW: Tuesday, March 17, 1987
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper Alexander McKie Cochran, III
EOW: Thursday, January 15, 1987
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Ricky Marshall McCoy
EOW: Friday, January 3, 1986
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Leo Whitt
EOW: Friday, April 12, 1985
Cause: Gunfire

Sergeant James Leroy Biggs
EOW: Wednesday, December 19, 1984
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Johnny Rush Bowman
EOW: Sunday, August 19, 1984
Cause: Stabbed

Special Agent Rodney Dean Grimes
EOW: Sunday, October 9, 1983
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper Robin Lee Farmer
EOW: Thursday, September 3, 1981
Cause: Vehicle pursuit

Trooper Robert Tinsley Lohr
EOW: Saturday, July 22, 1978
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper Garland West Fisher, Jr.
EOW: Monday, November 15, 1976
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Bernard Walter Wright
EOW: Saturday, January 17, 1976
Cause: Vehicle pursuit

Investigator Claude Everett Seymour
EOW: Friday, April 25, 1975
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper James Read Hughes
EOW: Monday, June 3, 1974
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper Rannie DeWitt Kennedy
EOW: Monday, November 5, 1973
Cause: Vehicle pursuit

Trooper Donald Edward Lovelace
EOW: Sunday, October 18, 1970
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper Jackie Monroe Bussard
EOW: Tuesday, May 5, 1970
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper Warren Yokely Harless
EOW: Monday, November 18, 1968
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Garland Matthew Miller
EOW: Thursday, June 13, 1963
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper Charles Eugene "Gene" Morris
EOW: Friday, March 2, 1962
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Henry Murray Brooks, Jr.
EOW: Sunday, June 10, 1956
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Trooper Robert Fulton Giles
EOW: Friday, July 23, 1954
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Robert Louis Loder, Jr.
EOW: Sunday, January 31, 1954
Cause: Vehicle pursuit

Trooper Walter Sinton Parrish
EOW: Sunday, October 4, 1953
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper Robert Wright Smith
EOW: Wednesday, November 21, 1951
Cause: Struck by train

Investigator Wallace Monroe Simpson
EOW: Tuesday, October 23, 1951
Cause: Gunfire

Trooper Robert Edward Porter
EOW: Tuesday, June 20, 1950
Cause: Aircraft accident

Trooper Joseph Benjamin Thomas
EOW: Tuesday, June 20, 1950
Cause: Aircraft accident

Trooper Robert Elvin Caldwell
EOW: Thursday, June 17, 1948
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper William Hawthorne Andrews
EOW: Thursday, October 3, 1946
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper William Stafford Tinsley
EOW: Saturday, September 5, 1942
Cause: Automobile accident

Trooper Urshell Thomas Mayo
EOW: Wednesday, February 19, 1941
Cause: Automobile accident

Sergeant Clarence Lemuel Maynard
EOW: Saturday, September 9, 1939
Cause: Automobile accident

Sergeant Charles William Puckett
EOW: Monday, March 28, 1938
Cause: Duty related illness

Inspector William Raymond Thompson
EOW: Monday, September 23, 1935
Cause: Gunfire

Inspector Charles Bazil Bullock
EOW: Thursday, February 15, 1934
Cause: Motorcycle accident

Inspector Thomas Allen Belt
EOW: Monday, August 18, 1930
Cause: Motorcycle accident

Inspector Curtis Lee Wood
EOW: Monday, March 11, 1929
Cause: Vehicular assault

Inspector Phillip C. Via
EOW: Friday, January 11, 1929
Cause: Motorcycle accident

Inspector W. Neville Hatcher
EOW: Sunday, August 19, 1928
Cause: Gunfire