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Cocktails at Target could soon be in the mix

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CHICAGO — It sounds like Target wants to make the shopping experience a little less stressful. How does a mid-shopping-spree-libation sound?

A Target in Chicago could be the company’s first location to serve booze to shoppers, according to a post on Chicagobusiness.com. 

The retailer has already applied for two liquor licenses in the city– one of those applications would allow the company to serve beer, wine and spirits in the store.

So far, there’s “no comment” from Target.

They wouldn’t be the first retailer to serve alcohol, at places usually reserved for picking up a six-pack or bottle of wine to go. The Short Pump Whole Foods market serves wine and beer and the soon to open Wegman’s has a full-service bar at its other locations, as do national grocers like such as Hy-Vee, and H-E-B’s Central Market.

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