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Does video show Hopewell officer using excessive force during traffic stop?

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HOPEWELL, Va. -- A Hopewell judge says video recorded during a traffic stop show a police officer using excessive force with a Taser. The police department disagrees but admits additional training is being considered in the wake of in the incident. esting .

Video of police using a Taser on Kavaun Perry after traffic stop last February is striking a nerve with some people in Hopewell.


Perry was later indicted on drug charges, but his attorney claims that things never should've gotten that far, arguing that the officer who first pulled him over had no legal basis to do so.

“He claimed the license tag was tilted slightly to the right, which we don't even believe that that was a violation of the code,” said Mufeed Said, Perry's attorney.


Last week a Hopewell judge threw out the charges and sided with Perry's attorney.

“More importantly, the judge ruled that the use of force for a license plate infraction was excessive,” Said explained. “And he was repeatedly tased and he repeatedly told the officer he could not remove his hands. All he could simply say was, ‘I can't, I can't.’”

However, Hopewell police maintain that the officer did nothing wrong and did not use excessive force. They said the video proves that Perry was a threat because the Taser did not affect his ability to crawl away. They also said he refused to follow orders from officers at the scene and attempted to hide evidence under the car.

Lt. Damon Stoker

Lt. Damon Stoker

“In the area where the individual was reaching there was a stolen firearm as well as some narcotics. So that the officer’s fears and suspicions were in fact correct,” said Lt. Damon Stoker with Hopewell police.

“If full NMI is achieved with both of the probes have engaged part of his body he would not be able to, as you see in the video, you would not see him crawling. You would not see him reaching or things like that,” Cpt. Michael Whittington said.

Cpt. Michael Whittington

Cpt. Michael Whittington

John F. Keohane, Hopewell’s chief of police, said that there is a lot most people do not understand about the video. But he said the video has demonstrated the need for additional training for the department. In fact, he wants to work with the commonwealth’s attorney, the judicial system and the community on that training.


  • Jason

    That’s oneway reporting CBS6.. No mention that the suspect was tring to conceal a stolen gun and drug as he was being tazed. Your reporting is always bias that’s why your station is a joke. Oh and Shelby it’s pronounced training not tranny

  • gregory

    wtvr is a joke this is why unless cnn has a story they need they make weather a headline.wtvr-stands for where the violent race-get their news

  • Manlishi

    Ok, I’m calling BUUULLLSS**T!! Hopewell (like Petersburg) is a festering puscule polyp in Virginia’s colon. Hopewell is so bad, Tawana Brawley escaped there for sanctuary. Any officer that patrols the streets (not the minions that patrol the “million $ mile”) deserves the president’s (when we get one) Medal of Freedom.

  • pumkin

    one cop screamed and screeched like some girl… it was unreal… he was barely understandable… IF he’s that scared and big a sissy he shouldn’t be a cop. I watched several videos on this and they tased him 11 times…and held the taser on him for up to 20 seconds at a time. Yes, that seems excessive. He did not “crawl” away, He was unable to get up on his hands and knees… That much tasing and he was unable to get up… he sort of slid over slightly halfway under the edge of the car, trying tovget away from the taser. Yes, the cops do need more training, desperately.

  • AJ

    It will get to where pd will not be to touch criminals… and then there will be a huge massacre and “people” will scream that the police didn’t do enough.
    There is a reason the city is nicknamed “hopeless-well”. It is nothing but drugs, crime and poverty. But sure, just tell police not to try anymore; don’t stop anyone, don’t enforce the laws – just let each gang take out their rivals and ” send a fruit basket ” to the losers.

  • Bruce

    people are missing the point.The police interviewed are fixated on the end result and not the cause.There is absolutely NO reasonable assumption that the driver is carrying a weapon or drugs just because of a license plate issue.There is a requirement called probable cause,you know?This cop just got lucky and now we’re expected to accept that the end justifies the means.If you people don’t mind giving up your Constitutional guarantees against unreasonable search and siezure and you want to live in a police state you need to re-think what we’re becoming!

    • Manalishi

      Great point Bruce! But i would still applaud the officer for taking another armed crackhead off the street. Even though the democrat’s charges were thrown out, the indictment came later. Dopers don’t get indicted for possession. This a**hole had intent weather it was distribution or other charges. The report was somewhat incomplete.

  • sergeantstime

    It appears to me to be a lopsided story and doesn’t show the entire story or the subject resisting arrest. The Officer had probable cause to arrest the guy and he obviously resisted. WTVR I expect better reporting of facts from you…not just one sided inflammatory anti-police bias.

  • Dana

    He is your President. Lol, that’s like me saying McAuliffe isn’t my Governor because I don’t agree with how he presides. But whatever,SAYING what you want never changes facts.

    • Manlishi

      Perfect Dana. Barry Soertoro is your president and Hillary’s bundler is your governor,,,,,because you are a subject to some creepy royalty and has to be ruled & regulated as told by their master. A citizen, on the other hand, functions productively, legally and prosperously without the master’s consent or approval. Your right “SAYING what you want never changes facts”, fact is, your following when you could be leading or at least be an independent. Democrats are all the same.

  • bernice

    The officer pulled the vehicle for an improperly mounted license plate. Law reads that it has to be mounted in a manner to PREVENT the plate from swinging. He stated it was canted diagonally and i believe the original report in the paper also stated that it had one screw not two. Totally had probable cause to pull that vehicle. People are making a big deal due to this being one a white cop and two the judge making a bad decission. This officer deserves a medal. The other side that was reported in court was this officer was in a vehicle chase with the vehicle and then chased on foot. That subject resisted arrest and the taser wasnt working. He didnt get any type of injury or was tased repeadately. The statement is the taser didnt work. HIs partner should have jumped on him but that isnt this officers fault. Cudos to this brave officer for getting a criminal with a stolen gun and drugs. You should all be grateful he did his job!

  • bernice

    Also the screaming sissy is not the officer with the taser it was his partner. The cop with the taser sounded as cool as a cucumber. You can hear the officer with the taser in the youtube video being actually nice to the guy trying to tell him to stop moving. Why dont we protest for this officer becuase thanks to radicalist he will probably lose his job for being a good cop.

  • bernice

    And to mention im a black educated female. Hopefully this officer reads this and knows that he has support from all ethnicitys.

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