Arrest made in fatal ‘drug-related’ shooting of Woodbridge High student

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WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Prince William County Police announced an arrest in connection with the the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old student from Woodbridge Senior High School.

Kawain Tyrell Smalls, age 20, was arrested in connection to the Monday murder of Brenden Michael Wilson. Kawain was arrested without incident at his residence on Dulcinea Place, police said. He has been charged with murder, use of a firearm in commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Brendon Wilson

Brendon Wilson. Yearbook Photo

Wilson was gunned down next to the school, along a pathway through some woods around 4:30 p.m. Monday, reported WUSA.  The pathway leads from the street where students park for free (versus paid school lots) over to the school. It has not been made clear at this time whether Wilson was walking home from school, or if something else was happening.

Police said they were searching for three young males, one white and two black, who were seen fleeing the scene on Oakwood Drive in a pickup truck. Nearby residents heard six to seven shots.

The investigation into this case has indicated that the shooting was drug related and that both parties were known to one another.

A neighbor who lives next to the path told WUSA that he called police after he hear gunshots.

Gerry King also described the woods as an open air drug market.

“Let’s just say I’m not out here 100% of the time, but usually two or three times a week I see drug transactions occurring,” said King. He said his home and others nearby have been vandalized and burglarized.

Police are continuing the investigation.


  • Ms. Richmond

    Wilson wasn’t so inocent after all huh. People saying he was so nice. Ok all you racist. What you got to said now? White kid buying drugs.

    • Brooke

      Unbelievable comment Ms. Richmond….Another young black youth, with an extensive criminal record already at 20, kills a 16yr old highschool kid…and you have the audacity to say ‘well, white kid buying drugs?’ really ? are you comparing taking a life to smoking a joint? your an idiot. You should be ashamed of yourself, you want to say all you racists out there, now what. Well, from a non-racist you sound like an uneducated black woman, who rather than get up and get a job, and possibly work within the black community and help these misguided black youth….You sit there on your government paid for couch in your government paid for apartment, eating your government paid for food, just complaining that white people are to blame for ALL your failures. (as I am sure there are many)… Waiting for your 40 acres and a mule. If you can’t see the real tragedy here, keep your comments to yourself. This IS NOT a black/white issue, but a sad sad state of affairs in America when our children are being killed by other children. God Bless the Wilson Family I am sooooo Sorry for your loss.

      • manlishi

        “you sound like an uneducated black woman” Oh she’s educated alright.,,,in the philosophy of genuine evil. It’s a lifestyle learned from her messiah and the rest of the democrats.

      • barb

        Neighbors……….talking about this tragedy is a good thing. we need to. we also need to be aware of the pain of both of these families and move our words to the place where they can do some good. Prayer to whoever you imagine your creator to be for the spirit of all the young men who are involved in this tragedy, their families who are bereft and the uninvolved youths who live with the trauma of knowing mortality is just that close. I will be

      • ????????

        Manalishi, shut the phuck up. Dont get mad because the boy was a white drug user/drug dealer . This is what happens when you’re into that. You should know, your mama was on crack when you were born. You sound like the product of a crack baby. You republicans are all the same, blame everybody else when you are doing wrong. On drugs or selling drugs at 16?!?!?!? He must be related to you.

    • Tim

      Wiseman, I agree. Brooke you don’t know what he was buying!!! He could have been buying something stronger like heroin. That’s what these white kids like these days. They had a big segment on it right here in Henrico West End. He could have been the seller. You don’t know but Ms. Richmond is right, had this been all black kids,the comment board would have had massive comments on it. So Brooke you shut up. Sorry this kid lost his life but this is what happens when you indulge in drugs.

      • manlishi

        What does any of your useless irrationalization have to do with murder? Exactly what part of this murder is justified? This is just another example of a democrat trying to clam a higher role. This stereotypical Obama supporter will continue his advanced education in the democrat university cell block.

      • Brooke

        I cannot believe the comments being made….whether he was buying pot or heroine…it does not matter. HE WAS SHOT and KILLED…doesn’t matter who the dealer and who the seller was….stop trying to make this a race issue. A KID was killed. So lets be serious….and another black youth in our county is responsible. I cannot believe Tim and wiseman want to make this about well thats what happens when white kids buy drugs?really…if i were a betting lady, your both black and somehow think the fact that a white kid may have been buying or selling drugs somehow overshadows the “true crime”,which is murder. A KID lost his life. Another young black youth, that was already a criminal will now spend his life behind bars. Kid stabbed last year also over some kind of transaction….6 black youths charged? You still think you should throw shade at the long known history that Children experiment with drugs and alcohol…at least most at some point. NOT everyone picks up a knife and stabs someone, or gets a gun and shoots someone. Perspective people….

  • Tim

    Well Manalishi, I see the truth hurts. White republican on drugs. Face it, stop blaming others for this boys actions. THEY WERE ALL WRONG!!!! but if he wasnt in to drugs maybe he will still be here!!!!

    • Brooke

      Noone is blaming anyone that Wilson was buying or selling drugs in the cut….what we are blaming is this young black youth that had no guidance from his family,and a poor foundation, and moral compass, that could so easily take a human life. This is NOT political, NOT black or white. And truth be told…I’d rather find out any of my white children experimented with drugs, then to find out any of them was capable of murder.

      • Motherofateen

        It’s not a black/white issue BUT you state the young black youth with no guidance, do you know him? Do you know his family? Stop! You know no more about the murderer than you do about the victim. Ever heard that old saying, “birds of a feather, flock together.” You act as if white children, people period, aren’t out here murdering people. Hey, Captain obvious… Think that situation couldn’t have gone the other way? I’d hate to think you have children of your own saying the ignorant things that you are!

      • Brooke

        I live in this area and have a child that graduated from woodbridge highschool, with honors and a full ride to a private university… the morals and values i have instilled in ALL my children is sound. Try this saying… “the proof is in the pudding”..This youth has a laundry list of criminal offensises, one with a gun already…so “capt. Obvious”….it appears that his foundation was flawed, and he WAS indeed not guided. I merely stated the obvious.

  • Motherofateen

    Sheer ignorance. You all should be ashamed of yourself! It’s easy to be an Internet tough guy! A child, yes child, drug dealer/user… It doesn’t matter, he didn’t deserve to die on the street alone begging for help. I know people that have never been through anything can not comprehend what this family is going through. Be mindful and respectful of the Mother that lost a son and the children that lost a brother. Because no matter what he was involved in, he was still a Human being.

  • Boomal6941

    Ms. Richmond, you are clearly an ignorant race baiting low life. Whether or not the kid was buying drugs, I’m sure he didn’t need to be shot 8 times in the head by this POS gutter trash thug who should have been wiped off of the streets months ago. Reverse the situation, if this is a young black kid shot on this path by a white 20 year old who has a laundry list of criminal offenses and has no business being near a school, and out of jail, we have all sorts of national news teams swarming the area and making this a race issue. I’m not saying that we need that for this, but the fact of the matter is that we have a 16 year old student dead, and clearly way too many drug dealing thugs roaming the streets who should have been behind bars a long time ago. I’d ask that you respect the family, the situation, and the importance of prevention of things like this in this difficult time for them, I’m sure you’d want the same respect if it were your own.

  • Motherofateen

    We could go back and forth all day Dear, but well, it’s not even worth it. I too, live in the area and Graduated from WSHS. I Currently have a teenager that goes there that is in ALL AP classes. Oh but wait, here’s the shocker, we’re black *gasp*! You can give you’re child everything that you feel is going to make them great and wonderful and they will still make their own decisions. The “black youth” you continue to mention, was a grown man, 20 years old in fact. My guess is, he probably didn’t live at home with his Mother. But, I’m guessing because I don’t know him. Perhaps, it may benefit you to read other articles related to this topic because the victim has a history as well, maybe not as extensive but a criminal history none the less. Again, neither here nor there…. A CHILD lost his life! And perhaps instead of pointing fingers and passing judgement, these comments should be directed to someone that can make a change to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else… Black, white, yellow or green!

    • Manalishi

      Stereotypical democrat. always trying to pick up a turd from the “clean” end. You cannot mitigate the scourge that overwhelmingly commit these crimes.

      • Motherofateen

        Stereotypical democrat, eh?! No, I’m and Active Duty Service member (19 years) who protects the rights those of you that feel everything is political and race related.

      • Manalishi

        It’s funny you mention that, I was talking to a friend last week who said the same thing about ,,,,,,And voted for the same communist that’s in the white house. Don’t bother defending my rights if you despise them. I am part of a proud military family that will take that to task with the viciousness not taught at logistics school. Not everyone is in for “rank & bank”.

    • Brooke

      First off….i am NOT at all surprised at your childs successes because you are black…. i am NOT racist….my comments referring to “The young black youth “, is in response to ms. richmond, tim, and wiseman saying this is what happens when white kids buy drugs etc. 20 years old is far from a grown adult, and he was still hanging with high school kids…..furthermore several articles do mention he was still living at home. So far from a grown man I am not passing any blind judgement here…the facts are what they are.. And the tragedy is 1 young boy is dead, and another misguided young boy without a thought or care, callously shot him 7~8times, and will spend his life behind bars. Race doesnt matter….it’s tragic either way….stating the obvious is NOT passing judgement.

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