Under law signed by McDonnell, convicted felons lose pensions

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The  verdicts in the federal corruption case against former state governor Robert McDonnell and his wife Maureen could bring each decades in prison, though many say that is unlikely.

It was a historic day in the Commonwealth as the state's 71st governor became the first to be convicted on felony charges. He joins just a handful of state governors to be convicted on felony charges, not all whom were incarcerated.

With the couples' crimes being non-violent, with no prior record, and neither seen as a flight risk, they will return to federal court for sentencing on Jan. 6.

Throughout the trial, McDonnell and his wife arrived and left the courthouse separately in a display at the heart of their defense. Now they have a handful of holidays to share with their family before sentencing with federal judge Judge James Spencer.

Maureen has been staying in their Glen Allen home, separate from Bob, who has been staying with the family priest. It is not clear if the couple will return to the home now that the trial is over, but friends and family were gathered there the night the jury reached a verdict.

A family friend said the McDonnells have  received an “outpouring of support from well-wishers,” many of them who visited the house  after the verdict was read. The man added that family and friends of Bob and Maureen feel a lot of “sadness,” but they’re very appreciative for the support.

Former U.S. Attorney Chuck James says there is a possibility the couple may not wind up behind bars, though that is highly unlikely. Over the next few months the Bureau of Prisons well assess the couple and make their suggestions to the judge ahead of the sentencing date.

Neither individual has a prior criminal history, and will likely be designated for a  lowest security facility.

Lawyers for both McDonnells indicate they will appeal. Both Maureen and Bob entered not guilty pleas. Bob previously turned down a plea deal to accept one felony charge, with no criminal charges made against his wife.

Legal analyst Todd Stone said that Maureen is in a better position because she did not get on the stand, and she was not a public official.

While the couple may manage to avoid embarrassing headlines for the next four months, there could still be plenty of humiliation left ahead for the couple.

McDonnell will have his license to practice law removed once the Virginia State Bar receives notice of his felony convictions.

There is also chance that he could lose his pension, due to a law he signed into effect in 2011. The legislation states that retirement benefits are forfeited upon certain felony convictions.

This means that McDonnell could lose the pensions he earned while serving as an Army Reserves lieutenant colonel, Virginia Attorney General, and as a lawmaker in the House of Delegates.

Ironically when McDonnell served as governor, he restored the voting and other civil rights to more than 6,800 non-violent felons.






  • Ron Melancon

    So is any fool lilt Mitt Romney going to be so foolish to help pay for his defense fund, Memo to Mitt don’t run for office because they will bring up the fact you supported a crook

  • Blackbeered

    Fundraiser … Maureen’s “Pin Up” Calendar.

    The RNC will buy 50 million copies at $10 each from the McDonnell’s and which will then donate them to Third World countries in Africa.

    No, wait. Wasn’t that the DNC’s approach with each of O’Bama’s books? [Could explains why they entered the WH with less than $2 million in assets but are leaving with over $600 million?]

    • Spartangirl

      I see someone is suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome. You post made no sense, was devoid of any facts, and only served to bring up Obama’s name on an issue that has nothing to do with the President. Seek help.

    • dalancroft

      What in Allah’s earth are you talking about? He and Michelle’s tax returns have showed income of about $1.0-$1.5 million annually, Even if they saved every penny after taxes, that *might* be $10 million, tops. What’s Bush and the Bush crime family worth???

  • Glen Allen

    Haha, so I guess now the former Governor will have to continue living with the priest until sentencing, unless of course his marriage takes a sudden turn for the better – lol. I do hope his financial ruins will not get in the way of his boys college education however, as none of this is their fault.

  • tom

    Wiseman sounds like an inner city resident who never set foot in a classroom: Maybe he have save up some of the money he got from his wife boyfriend or sell the car

  • Fletcher Voelcker

    I am more interested in when are yall (CBS 6) going to start investigating the rest of the crooked corrupt politicians? “If I am guilty of this charge then so is almost every other elected or public official” agreed now let’s clean house!

  • Fletcher Voelcker

    Here is the biggest problem, most of you people think it’s one party or the other when in actuality it’s both corrupt RULING parties. Both parties are bought and paid for by the exact same globalist corporate banksters that own the mainstream media. Divide and conquer is still working well for these evil people Vote Robert Sarvis & James Carr in November. There are only two parties to blame for all your government induced problems. Both corrupt ruling parties are bought and paid for the exact same banksters that own your supposed free press. Wake up now or wake up in shackles.93% of Virginia n’s voted for known corruption in the gubernatorial election, what did you expect. Virginia is just getting what they voted for. Both ruling parties are corrupt. If you vote for either when you don’t have to then you are the problem not the solution.”Most Of The Do Nothing Clowns” are up for Re-Election in November!
    Give “AMERICANS” a Voice In Washington DC.
    “STICK” with the Original Constitution and do “Background Checks” on all Politicians! “VOTE OUT” Every Republican, Democrat and Bilderberg (BP/Goldman Sachs) Associate, In Office Today!
    (Including the “Pretending to be Libertarian”… Republican GOP Liberty Group!) “We Need A “One Party System For The People, By The People”.
    This is not the only thing we can do but, it is a very important one of the many things we must do! Be American and VOTE them out!

  • Susan

    BS Charge and conviction! The whole purpose is to make republicans look bad but they need to look at the ones in the White house! Obama in noting more than a crook!

  • Valerie Martin (@WILLDYE4U)

    Well, See, That’s the funny (not HaHa funny) thing
    about Republicans. What’s good for all of us is not
    what’s good for THEM. You see, they change the
    rules as the game goes on. Those rules only apply
    to US, the real people.
    Look at their Party Leader Rush.
    Hunt ’em down, jail ’em, throw away the key!!!!!
    O! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean ME!!
    Such F’n Hypocrites!!!

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