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Chesterfield business owner selling the farm, blames Affordable Care Act

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
The 400-acre Chesterfield estate will be sold in its entirety or split into six distinct tracts. (PHOTO: Motleys)

The 400-acre Chesterfield estate will be sold in its entirety or split into six distinct tracts. (PHOTO: Motleys)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Another huge local equestrian estate is galloping up to the auction block.

Wayne Campbell, longtime owner of Richmond Respiratory & Medical Supply, is selling his 400-plus-acre Chesterfield farm at 12830 River Road.

Campbell said he decided to sell the farm after his medical supply company’s revenue was hit by changes from the Affordable Care Act and new Medicare regulations.

“I don’t like letting (the farm) go for the reasons we’re letting it go, but it’s probably time for a change,” Campbell, 67, said.

The home on the estate is 6,000 square feet and includes a pool.  (PHOTO: Motleys)

The home on the estate is 6,000 square feet and includes a pool. (PHOTO: Motleys)

Campbell Springs Farm has been broken into six tracts that can be purchased individually or together. Motleys Asset Disposition Group is handling the auction.

Motleys started accepting bids on Tuesday, and bids can be placed in person on Sept. 9 at the farm.

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      • Ken

        Read the rest of the story. He said Medicare choosing what companies their patients could use caused a decline in sales. I can’t see where Obama Care had anything to do with this. Maybe he had bad reviews from Medicare patients.

  • Sydney

    So sad that those of us that have risen above and earned a nice life for ourselves are now being punished to help the bottomfeeders who don’t feel like putting forth the effort.

  • G W

    So how much was the hit to his revenue? What is it percentage-wise? How exactly did ACA rack up those charges? What does this guy make in net revenue?

  • Michael Christian

    Reporting that the business owner blames Obama care without citing any specifics is irresponsible journalism. It only serves to divide people more without actually stating any facts. This has been the tactics used thru this entire presidency. If the facts are so damping please share them so I can jump on the Wagon too. Otherwise it all sounds extremely foolish. And of course no one would never take the opportunity to blame someone else for their woes.

  • R C

    I also own a DME company in Richmond Virginia and my companies financials have increased heavily the past two years. Leaders don’t make excuses. They find ways to overcome anything.

  • Richard Bullock

    this is a shame people are mad because this country has a health care plan than helps everyone and you want people the be sad because you are selling your big house… maybe the reason you don’t have the money to keep your house because you not as good as a businessman as you thank you are

    • Disco Stu

      Explain to me how it helps everyone? The name of it is the Affordable Care Act, and all my premiums have done is double over the past 2 years. I am a teacher at a small school, and I thought this “universal healthcare” was supposed to help people like me that don’t have any money. How I’m afraid to even to go to Patient First.

      • George

        If you are in a state that didn’t adapt the ACA, your prices most likely did increase by a large margin. That’s what gets me: so many people that just blame the ACA when they live in a state where the governor is fighting it and the insurance companies raise their rates. It isn’t Obamacare, it’s your governor.

  • Ken

    WTVR, where is the evidence in the story to support your headline? You say nothing about how Obamacare has lead to his needing to sell. A little research would have shown you that his company makes between $5-10 million a year with 20 employees. You call yourselves journalists?

  • Dan

    Bless his heart … by the look of his cardboard-box-shack under that train trestle bridge it looks like the poor guy doesn’t have two nickels to rub together.

  • darrel

    the only people who support obamacare are you bottom feeders and those getting it for nothing because you qualify for subsidies..please just one person making a living working with kids of their own and on their own post what they think,not you welfare people getting a free ride.if you support it we know who you are already.its gotten old,ok

    • Melissa

      I’m not on welfare. I’m
      in grad school and I have a decent job. I did the affordable care act application to see what kind of ins I would get. There’s different companies that are listed to insure you based on your app. It’s no different than doing a search for private healthcare. It turns out my jobs insurance is cheaper and I have more options. Please elaborate on what you mean by only bottom feeders will sign up for insurance?

      • Manlishi

        Most likely referring to the monument increase in medicaid enrollment from the same ACA website. Around 50%. Hence Terry Mac’s freakout that he could not put VA taxpayers on the hook for the expansion.

  • Barbara

    A major issue for people starting businesses has been that they can’t even get health care for themselves and their families, let alone their employees. We are the only major industrial nation that doesn’t have universal health care. Stop beating that long-worn-out-drum that we’re the best at everything. We aren’t, and as long as most people think so, we can’t fix it.

  • danielle

    HA!!! affordable care act!!! hilarious. who is it affordable to? the people that DON’T work, that’s who! all of us hard workers have to pay for the low life crack heads and people who want to pop out 10 kids with NO intention of taking care of them! AND they don’t even HAVE TO TAKE A DRUG TEST to receiver OUR hard earned money!!! this government makes me SICK!! I wonder if Obama even gets charged on his 400,000 paycheck an Obama care tax????

    • Melissa

      Well food stamps and Medicaid, living subsidies is called welfare and has been around for many years. It has nothing to do with “Obamacare”. Medicaid insurance has not changed

      • Nash

        Nash: This guy is going to make a killing selling his property! Value is up and it’s time to cash out! Nothing wrong with that. Is just sad to see someone who is going to be filth rich from this deal go out with such a ugly shot. He bought the land, sat on it and it’s now time to make his money. The guys is 67, what benefit is he going to get keeping the land? He didn’t complain when he bought the land; now it’s time for others to benefit from his sell and he will benefit too, it’s simple business sense. This guy’s reminds me of Donald Sterling…A guys complains for getting $2 billion dollars from a $12.5 million dollars investment.! That’s rubbish not News!

    • Barbara J Highlander

      People on welfare don’t need the ACA. They have Medicaid. The ACA is for people who cannot afford to pay their current premiums or don’t have coverage because they cannot afford it. It is not universal health care. It is a clearing house where insurance companies offer plans. If applicants have low enough income they can qualify for help with their premiums. They are not free. Sort of like those grants and loans to help with education. All of the people in these comments who are complaining about their premiums are who it is intended to help. Working people who can’t afford health insurance.

      • Manlishi

        ” Sort of like those grants” (it’s a redistribution of $ from taxpayers). I lost my plan and my doctor. The new premiums are much higher, the coverage is less (although i cant wait to exercise my new mandated mamagram and pap smear coverage) and my deductible quadrupled.

        It’s not socialized medicine as many believe it’s marxism, designed and implemented by communists.

    • Kim

      For the past 28 years I have been a small business owner. I had to pay for my own healthcare out of my own pocket. After having 3 kids with my husband my premium went up to over $1000. 0 a month. Which was just a little under my house note. So for 7 years our family went without insurance. We paid for all medical care ourselves . Thank God no body got seriously ill. Eventually we had to get insurance because the kids were playing sports. When the ACA came it lowered our premium by $200. I we are not at the bottom like you say in fact I probably make more money than a lot of people. But working people need help too. Our taxes pay for it.

  • Notisme

    It’s truly unfortunate that there are so many people in America that feel like they most deserve the wealth that was most likely handed down, inherited, and/ or stolen. When the opportunities become available to build wealth for all people, you’ll seem to find a way to steal it away somehow or another.

  • Glen Allen

    What does the Affordable Health Care Act have to do with this guy losing his farm? I wish the man no harm, but seriously, companies that offer good products / services at competitive prices rarely lose money, usually it is because the management makes poor spending decisions, in this case, maybe he was living above and beyond what he could reasonably afford in the first place.

    It is certainly sad to see a farm disappear, but either Mr. Campbell or the author of this article will have to explain how this is the fault of the government. How about the farm itself, doesn’t it make any money?

  • MMiller

    If the ACA affected his sales and or profit, perhaps that’s a GOOD thing for the rest of us. Let’s face it, the guy isn’t complaining that he’s losing his home, he’s selling his HORSE RANCH. The guy is not hurting for cash and who knows how many millions he made by charging $100 for a bag of cotton swabs. Perhaps the cash-cow known as the american medical supply industry is finally having to be fair.

  • Pam Cassidy

    He owns a medical supply company…… under the affordable care act, the government went out and chose certain medical supply companies to do business with…..and only those can be used. It doesn’t mean his supplies were inferior, or too expensive, his company just did not get chosen, probably because he had very large competitors that the government usually chooses to do business with. He built up a company that provided a service and due to new regulations that they have to only have chosen companies to do business with, he lost a lot of his business. Not very fair is it? He did nothing wrong….the government makes arbitrary rules and regulations and don’t care who gets hurt.

  • Southern Gent

    The law is here to stay. Was a report on Market Place about how business’s are profiting.
    This guy was just greedy and a poor manager..so much for responsibility blame it on the government.

  • Rae Weatherford

    I have had the same job for 22 years, my increases in salary went to increases in my health care premiums, because of health care reform my company no longer qualified for “Group” coverage, I could still keep my plan but at a 40% increase in premiums, in addition to this my husband passed away and I was left with 1/4 of the household income that we used to have, so you could say that I’m one of the ones that was forced into Obama care, in addition to this I have worked in the health care industry for 22 years and have seen first hand the impact Obama care has, not only are we funding Medicare and Medicaid but now we are supplementing “health insurance companies” Just makes no sense at all, no sense at all, I have paid into the tax system since I was 14 years old. I would rather not be on Obama care but here I am…. I am determined to find an individual policy that I can afford, but when the insurance carriers are getting tax dollars they lose the incentive to create affordable plans, the system is broken :(

  • Mark Collins

    To anyone who actualy READ THE ARTICLE,

    He did not specify that having to offer healthcare to his employees was the issue. He seems to be referencing taxes on healthcare devices and regulations along with the government picking winners and losers. Imagine you are running a great business. You take care of your customers. You offer competitive pricing. You are doing well in your market because personal service gives you a competitive edge.

    In walks Obamacare and Big Government. They “Level the playingfield” allowing everyone access to medical devices through government or government subsidized “insurance”. Personalized service is now a thing of the past since every purchase is done through government bureaucracy. Competitive pricing is gone because not only does government set the price and a third party pay the bill, but the regulations on employment make it hard to have a cost advantage.

    I’ll try to simplify it. If you and I each have lemonade stands on the same street. Our kids run the stands. My daughter has agreed to run the stand for a dollar a day and you agreed to pay your daughter 5 dollars a day. I now have a competitive advantage over you. Plus my daughter is cuter and kinder to the customers. I’ve also found a cheaper supplier of lemons and sugar.

    Two days later the government decides that they will pay for ALL lemonade because everyone should be able to have lemonade. We now have more customers but I’ve lost my pricing advantage. Then the government states that all kids running the stands must make $5.00 per day. I’ve lost another pricing advantage. Then the government gives you free braces for your daughters crooked teeth and personality training. Now I’ve lost all of my advantages and can no longer make the profit I used to make…because my stand was better.

  • Karma

    His reimbursements were cut 42% but he is a scummy guy. I feel bad for the people at the office he had to let go and the fact that his 3 ex wives (soon to be married again) will get less of his ill gained ‘earns.’

  • Susan

    I just love how people will sit here and post all this BS about him, when you don’t have a clue what him nor is family is going through. I have had the pleasure of meeting both him and his wife and I must say you could not ask for better people. People do not understand this “ObamaCare” is hurting a lot of people and it not just him. So, if you haven’t been hit by the OC you are one of the lucky ones. Don’t judge unless you want to be judged!!

    • Karma

      He’s not married despite her printed info with his name. I know them very well Susan, you should learn more about how his medical business started and how his farm ran before posting ‘all this BS about him’ because your comments about them are just what you were calling ours, bs. He has a terrible reputation and for good reason but yes the medical reform is hurting many and I’m not a fan.

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