Man stabs Pit bull inside PetSmart after dog bites Yorkie’s ear

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NEWNAN, Ga. -- A dog that was stabbed during an adoption event at a  PetSmart over the weekend in Georgia has been euthanized.

WGCL reports  that a Pit bull named Clara was taken to an adoption event at the store on to meet with a potential adopter.

According to Newnan police, a volunteer with the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society was walking Clara outside when she broke from her collar and ran back inside the store. Once inside, Clara walked up to a Yorkshire terrier owned by Craig Emory Hayes.

Police said Clara began to sniff the Yorkie, then grabbed the dog by its ear and began to pull.

Hayes told police he kicked Clara and yelled for someone to help. He said after that about 15-20 seconds, no one had arrived to help, so he pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed the dog.


Police confirmed that the dog was stabbed three times in the neck.

Mike Wohler was in the store when he heard the commotion.

"When I rounded the corner, I seen blood all over the floor and I seen the Pit bull have the other dog by the back of the neck," said Wohler. "[I saw] it had ahold of the little dog but it wasn't biting or doing any type of aggressive movement as in it wasn't thrashing around, shaking his head,'s like they were in pause."

Wohler said he put his hand in Clara's mouth, and she wasn't biting the Yorkie that hard.



"About the time, the pet store manager came up with that mace-type spray for the dog that apparently they use when dogs get into fights, and spayed her," said Wohler. "As soon as they sprayed her she let go and then sat down and was sitting there wagging her tail."

Several witness said that is wasn't necessary to stab Clara. There were about 30 people in the store, including some children.

"I could see there was no blood or any type of substantial wound right there on the little dog," said Wohler.

Police said the Yorkie had a bite mark on the right side of its ear where Clara grabbed it.

Hayes told police he was defending his dog like he would his child if a dog attacked him, and he was afraid the pit bill would turn on him and his 8-year-old child.

Wohler said Hayes seemed like he was looking for an excuse to stab Clara because she was a pit bull.

"So the whole time that was going on, the guy is screaming 'effing pit bull this, 'effing pit bull that, I hate these dogs. I don't know why they are even allowed around anymore,'" said Wohler.



Wohler said Hayes even stabbed Clara once after the dogs were pulled apart.

The decision was made to euthanize Clara because of the extent of her injuries.

Police said they are conducting a follow-up investigation and charges will depend on the outcome of the investigation.

"I wish they would [file charges] because what this guy did was absolutely insane and unnecessary," said Wohler. "I understand he would want to protect his dog, but there are so many other ways to break up a dog fight than stabbing one in front of a bunch of kids and women in a pet store during an adoption day."


  • mbaker9105

    He did the right thing. Pit bulls have a built trait to be aggressive, and need to be raised by proper caretakers. This dog attacked his smaller dog. How’s this guy supposed to know it’s intention or if it’s “playing”. Would you let a pit bull gnaw on your child and just stand there? I think not. What was he supposed to do? Of course he was cursing. This dog just confirmed why a lot of people don’t want to be around them. I dang sure won’t bring a child around one. Based on their inherited traits, they require extra attention when breeding and raising. Most don’t get this. Not the dogs fault. Any dog that adoption agencies cannot verify the raising of the animal should be removed from adoption or only allowed to be adopted by people that have the knowledge of raising the breed of the suspect animal. Even the ASPCA advises they require special handling early on

    • animal house

      Mbaker109 these dirtbags that own n advocate have no qualms about adopting out aggressive pitbulls as long asthey find a home for it my god some of them still go on about the Nanny dog even though 300 kids died from them n best friends rescue finally after that fessed up !! Unbelievable but thankfully people r wising up with bans starting n people no longer chancing adopting them they’re getting desperate so obvious

  • animal house

    This man deserves a medal not death threats !! That undog had no business there nobody would adopt it for years so in desperation they brought the thing there hoping some unsuspecting fool would take mutant home the thing had issues n one of them was being around other animals but lets bring it to petsmart anyways !! People r not putting up with it anymore they r arming themselves against this rotten breed n that loser wohoeler claims the demon only had its ear in its mouth and was in pause n wasn’t being aggressive wow is that y the poor dog had to be transferred to a vet hospital that was better equipped to treat the injury?? These scumbags Will lie even when the truth is right there now if the shoe was on the other foot then they’d say well the westie growled at it n dogs will be dogs end of story well I hope that UGLY thing had an agonizing death a very agonizing death n for the past year have been carrying a $100 kitchen knife cause I have small dog with me on our walks n if some a mutant even comes near to sniff I will carve it n enjoy doing so !! U scumbags that own these monsters better start keeping them under control otherwise its off to see their maker Lucifer in hell where they belong

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