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Ferguson Police Department tactics will be focus of federal investigation

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(CNN) — The U.S. Justice Department is getting ready to launch an investigation into the practices and training of the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, a Missouri official and a federal official told CNN.

The expected civil investigation comes on heels of criticism of Ferguson police in the wake of one of its officers shooting Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, earlier this summer. That shooting and public anger over the fact the police officer who shot and killed Brown was not prosecuted spurred widespread protests in the eastern Missouri city, some of which included clashes between protesters and law enforcement.

Justice Department representatives met with Ferguson officials Wednesday in Missouri and informed them of the intent to launch a the preliminary probe into the city’s police department, according to the Missouri official, who had direct knowledge of the meeting.

The Justice Department already has launched a civil rights investigation specific to the August 9 shooting. Meanwhile, a St. Louis County grand jury is hearing evidence that could possibly lead to charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Brown.

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  • Becky

    The “Justice Department” what a hoax, fraud and abuse of office, power and authority. The Only “Justice” in
    this Administration is by the Administration’s personal, prejudiced, preferences, will and whims.
    This is while they belligerently, contemptuously, and deliberate break US Laws, Constitution, legislated due processes, and refuse enforcement obligations..IF they don’t like them. Citing: DOJ, DOL, DHS, FEMA, ICE, IRS, GSA, NSA, DOD, etc., etc..
    ,What ever happened to the Presidentially Mandated joint FBI/DoInjustice “Investigations into Justice for Trayvon”?
    Now, Again, the Presidentially Mandated joint FBI/DoInjustice “Investigation into Justice for Brown” as they remain
    MUTE after all this time and in all this purposed conflict. NO Public Disclosure for these “Investigations” all the use and abuse of Public Taxes for Political Targeted Agendas.

  • Becky

    Notice that the Media did Not report that the incident at Sweet Briar was caused by a black student.
    Did not report that racial threats that caused a lock down at the school were demanding the same “justice” standards as those of Ferguson, for the white girl?

  • Southern Gent

    Could not happen soon enough. There needs to be an investigation of that Department, not only the MB shooting but the actions against reporters and others that were protesting.

  • Becky

    Yes. It is Perfectly Correct for Media “Reporters” stoking, provoking, and inflaming the chaos, turmoil, conflicts, riots, fires and looting in their One Way Only reporting… to have a PC License.. usurping the Federal FCC Laws, stating they can be charged and prosecuted for such actions.
    What’s Laws got to do with it, if it is DoInjustice? The Administration doesn’t like Laws, unless
    they can use them to ATTACK opponents.

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