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Boy born without a brain dies at age 12

SHREVEPORT, La.  – A Louisiana boy who suffered from a rare condition in which he was born without a brain defied the odds he was given.

KSLA reports that 12-year-old Trevor Judge Waltrip died peacefully in his sleep, after his family was told he would likely die within a year.

Trevor was born with just a brain stem and a rare condition called hydranencephaly, in which sacs filled with cerebro-spinal fluid replace the cerebral hemispheres people have in their brain.

Because Trevor had a  brain stem he could breathe, maintain a heartbeat and respond to some stimulus. Yet he was blind and couldn’t communicate verbally.

Trevor stayed alive with the help of a feeding tube and therapists for his muscles and joints.

There is no cure or treatment for hydranencephaly.

Click here to read more from the affiliate that covered Trevor’s life from the beginning.


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