Boy born without a brain dies at age 12

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SHREVEPORT, La.  – A Louisiana boy who suffered from a rare condition in which he was born without a brain defied the odds he was given.

KSLA reports that 12-year-old Trevor Judge Waltrip died peacefully in his sleep, after his family was told he would likely die within a year.

Trevor was born with just a brain stem and a rare condition called hydranencephaly, in which sacs filled with cerebro-spinal fluid replace the cerebral hemispheres people have in their brain.

Because Trevor had a  brain stem he could breathe, maintain a heartbeat and respond to some stimulus. Yet he was blind and couldn’t communicate verbally.

Trevor stayed alive with the help of a feeding tube and therapists for his muscles and joints.

There is no cure or treatment for hydranencephaly.

Click here to read more from the affiliate that covered Trevor’s life from the beginning.


    • Uly

      You’re assuming a level of awareness that wasn’t present. It was no more torture for him than for my houseplant.

      • Mr.Wolf

        That kid should never have been allowed to live from day one. Day zero, even. They can detect stuff like this in the womb- find defects and terminate for compassionate reasons. It is a crime that they let that kid live. Void of thought, sight. Some parents are insane.

  • Amanda white

    Wow,,,,people never fail to disgust me on a daily basis,,,,to think your plants life could even compare to his,,,,I hope you will learn of his pain as well as the parents pain in a way that you can never get over and have to live with every second of your pathetic existance.

  • NoStupidReligionsPleaseJustLove

    Do the parents know about his condition before he was born? I really hope this is not another religious fanaticism.

  • Suzanne Morgan

    In his own way, he will be one of the most courageous people to ever live. He’s attained peace. Let him rest.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with wishing him a peaceful death. Sometimes it is better to let go. With that being said, it was not in his parents interests to withhold care so it sounds like they did what they could with what they had. So incredibly heart wrenching. I’m glad his soul is at peace.

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