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WATCH: Baby penguins, who need naming, explore new habitat

Meet the newest members of the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Magellan Penguin chicks were born this summer and don't have names yet.

They are now on view in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat. This video shows them checking out the new habitat.

The have been behind the scenes learning to swim and receiving feedings.

The aquarium is letting the public make a few suggestions.

You can click here to participate.

Visitors to the Aquarium’s website can also watch live as the young penguins acclimate to their new home. Cameras are located above and below the water, providing a real-time view of the lives of the Aquarium’s penguins. Click here to see all of the Aquarium’s webcams.


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  • Joanne

    I was just wondering are the baby penguins going to be let go back into the wild once their strong enough? I would hate to see them in captivity

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