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Hundreds showed up to get free shoes for school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. -- Students getting ready for the new school year can now go back with a brand new pair of shoes thanks to the Partnership of Churches and their 9th annual "New Shoes for back to School" Ministry.

Forming at Third St. Bethel AME in 2005, 712 pairs of shoes were given out but the Shoe Ministry soon outgrew the location and relocated to Second Baptist Church of South Richmond, 3300 Broad Rock Boulevard.

To date the New Shoes Ministry has given out over 65,00 pairs of new shoes to students, a partnership between churches, business and the community.

The shoe give-a-away starts at 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and shoes are given away until all sizes are gone, on Sept. 1.

Donations from Marshalls, Saxon Shoes, Walmart, Rugged Warehouse, Pepsi Cola, The Shoe Rack, Panera Bread, Bizport Printing, Target, Cobra I, SC and Steinmart and Saxon Shoes will work alongside the volunteers on the day of the shoe give-away.





  • Ralph

    This program is run very orderly. We have over 100 volumteers who escort each family so there isnt any confusion. The event has been held at Second Baptist for the last few years because Second Baptist can accommodate the large crowd.

    • diamante

      Is it 6,500 or 65,000 shoes donated? Are there shoes for kids with wide feet as well as sizes past a 12 in men’s shoe size?

    • Robbie

      The krackers donated and are volunteering to I expect. No me though! You get all those colored people together and sooner or later someone fires off a shot or two.

  • tony

    crushing your kind don’t seem to mine our cracker women though ,do you?nowback to work to pay for your kids,childcare,housing,college and healthcare.

  • Robbie

    Camp out all night for a free pair of shoes. Wouldn’t stand in line for a job more than 5 minutes though. If most of the ones they showed cut down on eating they could save enough on groceries to pay for shoes. Then they probably aren’t paying for their food anyway.

    • Meghan

      Robbie, you are a sick person. Maybe you need to run for congress since you have all the answers of what people are doing wrong and figure it’s so simple to live well. These are for kids who have nothing. At my job we do back to school drives and help kids with school supplies. Im sure you just sit in your house all year round, on your ridiculous pedestal and judge all the unfortunate people beneath you. You’re an a** hole and hopefully you stay rich for the rest of your life because with your attitude, no one is going to want to lift a finger to help you if you ever need it

      • Manlishi

        I notice you called Robbie “sick’ and an “a*sshole”. But given the facts and point of his statement, you could not call him wrong. “no one is going to want to lift a finger to help you if you ever need it”. Reality is, the group he was referring to never help, they just take. Drama Queen.

  • ralph hodge

    As someone who has been present for the last three years, because I belong to the church who host the event.. most of the people are the working poor. It is really a shame that people can turn helping folks who need help into a bad thing. We do the program because our faith commands us to love our neighbor and clothe those who need clothes. BTW we normally give away around 4000+ shoes a year on the day of the far we have given away 0ver 60,000 shoes since the program has started.

  • Debra

    People need to stop with the negative comments…..there is nothing wrong with helping each other out….isnt this world filled with enough hate???

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