Chicken & Waffles coming to Chick-fil-a???

ATLANTA, Ga- Chick-fil-a is testing out several new breakfast items, including Chicken and Waffles, at a few select locations.  According to a press release from the company,   the Georgia based fast food chain is trying out the items because customers appetites change over the years.

The new item includes a boneless, seasoned chicken breast served alongside a maple syrup-flavored waffle, with a side of honey. Chick-fil-a is also testing an egg-white chicken grill sandwich, a greek yogurt parfait, oatmeal, and cinnamon swirl pastries.

The test locations include restaurants in greater Philadelphia, Inland Empire, California, Middle Georgia and Memphis, Tennessee.

No word yet if Chick-fil-a plans on rolling out the new items nationally.

If you were wondering about the song we played along with the story this morning, It's from comedian Tim Hawkins.


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