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VIDEO: Dad captures daughter taking embarrassing backseat selfies

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Teenage Selfie

It is the rarely seen side of a selfie. Just how many poses does it take for a teenage girl to capture that perfect selfie shot? In a video posted on Rumble this week, father Rod Beckham answered that question.

The answer? More than 20.

While driving, Beckham noticed movement in his rear view mirror. Once he realized his daughter was in the midst of an “epic photo shoot” and pulled out his own camera to record a video bound to make you laugh, and embarrass the heck out of her.

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    • jen

      Geez. Its funny come on. He didn’t wreck. Yea its dangerous go ahead and point out the obvious!! But whose to say he wasn’t in his own neighborhood at this point ??

  • Robbie

    Come on Ron! Jen would know that it’s not dangerous and really easy to do one thing while driving. After all, Jen can probably put on makeup, text her friends, do her hair, paint her nails, smoke a cigarette, drink coffee and eat a bagel while she’s driving.

  • Robocam

    For all or some of you not tech savvy he had an on board camera on the mirror or phone camera sitting in a holder capturing whats going on in the back.

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