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Hip hop legend performing in Richmond urges calm after Michael Brown protests

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RICHMOND, Va -- Building a music career out of controversial subjects is second nature to Cheryl James, better known as "Salt" of the iconic 80s hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa.

The music legend, who was in Richmond to perform at a concert benefiting crime prevention, spoke out about the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

"I can't imagine what that feels like. If I even think about it, I could cry,” James told CBS 6 reporter Sandra Jones.

James shared a moment of silence to remember Michael Brown during her Brown's Island concert.

"Most people are there to get answers to get justice and to exercise their right -- their Constitutional right to protest. And I feel like our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us,” said James.

The hip hop artist and mother of a 15-year-old son said she can relate to the pain Brown's family is feeling.

"I just pray that there's a conclusion [and] that we can come together as Americans.  The police officers as well, the people in the community... that they have some real solutions. Because I'm not seeing that getting any better,” said James.

She  feels that the public should keep as calm as possible to ease the tension.

"I understand the anger and hostility. I'm angry, but I just feel like if we can just stay calm.  Everybody just needs to stay calm and continue to exercise your right to get answers as well as to protest peacefully,” said James.

"The public needs to show compassion for the family who had to bury their son. We don’t need any negativity around this situation,” said James.

Proceeds from the “80s Were the Greatest” concert will go towards crime prevention programs in Richmond.


  • manalishi

    “With a 15-year-old son she can relate to the pain that Michael Brown’s family is feeling.” Are you s**ting me??!! What does her live son have to do with someones dead son and how the hell can she relate??!! What a freakshow.

      • manalishi

        That’s a fact Dee. So would it be an perverse embellishment? Or was it designed to provoke a fake sympathetic though process?

    • Law

      Manalishit, you’re dumb as he**!!! You mean to tell me that you can understand the bull shyt that Becky post but not the statement from Salt (Ms. James)???

      • manalishi

        ” but not the statement from Salt (Ms. James)??” No law, I cannot understand a statement Ms. James did not make. This is why i singled it out as the statement was designed to steer a little persons mindset,,,such as yours.

  • Jan

    I agree, However. I think that her words were not chosen correctly. What I believe she was trying to express is that she have a 15 year old son and she knows how the boy mom is feeling simply because she knows in her heart how she would feel as a parent had that been her son.

  • stimoceiver

    Its clear neither the author nor the editor at CBS6 have ever studied english grammar and punctuation.

    What other meaning could there be for their arbitrarily capitalization of the words spoken by James, and their arbitrary translation of “their” as “They’re”? Or does their translation of her words with incorrect capitalization and pronouns reflect CBS6 and by extension, the typical white Virginian’s opinion of black female artists as functionally illiterate?

    • angel2

      I am so with you about the grammar and punctuation in this article…atrocious!! But, why should we be surprised? Grammar amongst many folks in the media has been down-hill for MANY years…and educationers wonder why some of their students flunk (or barely pass) this part of education.

  • Becky

    Through with this Governing Media chumming/trolling frenzy feeds for yet another Hollywood
    staged production of Democratic Campaign Agendas. Eat Up, it’s Free Feed.
    Instantaneous Verdict is NOT “Justice”.

  • John

    I understood Ms. James as saying she simply wanted peace and respect among people, police and government. She did say that she feels the government is over stepping the Constitution, which I agree with that. She didn’t say that Michael Brown was innocent of any wrongdoing and/or his actions/behavior lead to his death. She wasn’t going to get into any of the sticky issues that she may later regret. She did say she didn’t know all the facts, therefore leaving out any jumping to conclusions (which is rational thinking).

  • Little Black Sambo

    Da sista be chillin wif da homies on dis. She feelin all da pain we’z gots to go frue in da white mans world. Da daz is comin when da brothers unite in da pale moonlight. Dis here be Sambo sinein off!

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