Chesterfield Walmart abduction investigation
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UPDATE: Police say Chesterfield driver wasn’t held up at gun-point

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Chesterfield police said that warrants were obtained for filing false police report for the victims in an alleged robbery that happened when a delivery driver said was heading back to unload his inventory around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

Further investigation revealed that the men had sold the items that had been reported stolen, and made the robbery report in an attempt to keep the proceeds of that sale, police said.

“They stole inventory plus money,” said Asst. Manager Simone King.  “It was about a thousand dollars’ worth.”

The suspects, Alvin W. Pegram, 56, of the 8900 block of Germont Avenue, and Jerome A. Cheatham, 45, of Colonial Heights, were each charged with one count of filing a false police report. Both men turned themselves in to authorities.



At a stop sign off Osborne and Old Stage Roads, a 58-year-old delivery man for American Gold Label turned right towards his office after a long night of delivering meat and seafood.

“An SUV hit the back of his van,” King told CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett Thursday. “It was late at night.”

But according to a police report it wasn’t your usual fender bender. The driver claimed that two men with guns got out and rushed toward him. They stole steaks, chicken, seafood and cash.

Crime expert Steve Neal says if you find yourself in a similar situation, in a late-night accident in a dark area, there are things you can do to improve your safety.

“The law requires you to stop and exchange information,” said Neal. “Call the police, and if you feel like the person you’re dealing with is suspicious, then there’s no problem with driving to a well-lit area that’s more public.”



  • donnie

    is this the place that goes around trying to sell meats out of the truck saying “we had left over inventory”,if so guy deserved it,they have been scamming people for years.if not my mistake and sorry this happen to the old guy

  • Big Red

    Omega Meats is a shady operation!!!! Sales guy stopped a van just like that at my house last year. He had a price sheet with different size packages, told me to pick any 5 off the sheet and he could do it for $80 CASH. I picked all steaks and noticed while I was getting my wallet he quickly tried to put one of the boxes back in the van (leaving me only 4 boxes instead of the promised 5). I called him out on this and told him best thing to do was get off my property fast. He realized the gig was up and took off! Check the BBB on this place.

  • Rickenhouse

    I bought some meat from this company before and that was the first and last time bc it is not worth the money that is paid for it. It is super high priced and the steaks were very thin and chicken was ok i can marinade chicken and have way more flavor in it then this chicken did. Dont waste your money~!!!!

  • Cory Lahey

    Never! I still believe the original story about 2 white folk ramming and robbing them at gun point. I’m on my way to loot the local 7-11, you with me?

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