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Wait til you see the ‘secret’ room a toddler received for his birthday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A California mother and father created an incredible surprise for their son’s fourth birthday.

Sarah Goer posted on her blog earlier this month the tale of how she and her husband came up with an awesome use for a storage room in their new home.

When we bought our house two years ago The Boy was not quite 2 years old. The room that was to be his had a storage room attached to it. Our roof pitch is really steep next to his room, so it forms a triangular room 7 feet by 12 feet. The door is about 2 feet by 4 feet.


Goer said she decided sometime after the child’s third birthday that “The Secret Room,” the doorway of which was hidden from sight by a conveniently placed dresser,  would serve as the ultimate  birthday present.

As a result, the family’s contractor started working on the space, but only while the Goer’s son was at school.



Once the construction was completed, Goer got to work decorating the space. She said she found a lot of goodies from Ikea.

I didn’t have a great place for where to store dress-up clothes, so I knew I wanted to put them in The Secret Room as well. We have friends who use this Ikea box for dress-up and it was just the size to fit by the door. I added a rug from Ikea to the middle of the room and relocated a floor pillow and quilt from elsewhere in the house to provide a comfy reading area.

Finally, the child’s birthday arrived. His parents came up with a treasure hunt with clues stashed around the house. The last clue was to try to slide over the dresser in his room.

He needed some help to move the heavy piece of furniture, which had kept the space that had been hidden away for so long.

Once the dresser was pushed aside, the child spotted a small door. When asked what he wanted to do, he said “I think we should peek inside it.”

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Once he walked inside the bright, beautifully decorated space, his mother explained that the room was his birthday present.

“A secret treasure room! I like this room so much,” the boy said. “Thank you father and mother.”


The End.

Have you done something awesome for your child’s birthday? Leave a comment below and we might feature your story on WTVR.com.


  • MamaBear

    While the child was at school? I can see while he was at daycare, but not school. Three is a little too young to be going to school. What child says mother and father, more like mommy and daddy. Seems like an ad for Ikea than a feel good story.

  • Rose

    I agree with Momabear but to have “secret room” bugs me because these days I see in the news to many kids being left alone, killed and being in isolation so I am not to comfortable with this, I never had this and neither did my 2 kids.. I am not saying all this bad stuff will happen but I have read alot of bad thins happening to children…I am sure this space can be used for other ideas but I feel he is to young at this moment….THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION….

    • Uly

      Your opinion is that now that they’ve made him this secret room, and gone on the news, they’re gonna kill him and stash his body in the pre-existing crawlspace? What was preventing them from doing that before, exactly?

  • angel2

    My kids LOVED to make “tents” out of blankets – – I helped them when they were too young to do it all themselves. I see nothing wrong with the room, except the door….that kind of bugs me. I am glad, however, the parents call it a “treasure room”, and not something like an “escape” room.

    • angel2

      I need to correct myself….according to the article, the parents called it “The Secret Room”, and the son said, “Secret Treasure Room”.

  • Shena King

    I gave my daughter a princess party for her 7th birthday. It included a Manicure, a pedicure and foot massage for all invited guests. House was decorated with Princess wall posters everywhere (plus a castle). We also had a pink aisle cloth going down the steps and sidewalk, with a Welcome Princesses around-the-door banner for the entrance. Each princess received a Tierra, a warn, and a bracelet. Girls finished up with Princess cupcakes with a ring inserted, and pin the rose on the princess activity. Party to remember!!

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