Avoid accidental exposure to chemicals in single-load laundry packs

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RICHMOND, Va - Dr. Gayle Smith of Partners in Pediatrics, P.C. stopped by the studio to raise awareness about the increase in children sickened by single –load laundry packets. Children often mistake these chemical filled pods for candy or toys due to the bright colors of the pod or the packaging. Dr. Smith offers instructions on how to prevent possible poisoning and what to do if parents suspect their child may have been exposed. For more information visit online at http://www.partnerspediatrics.com/doctor-download/134-tide-pods-and-poison-control-be-in-the-know.html.

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  • Kilroy

    r. Smith offers instructions on how to prevent possible poisoning…

    Really… Keep it out of reach of children and be a responsible parent. Now thats just sad.

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