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Teens arrested in Southside egg-throwing incident

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. — With a car speeding by, Dustin Pierce says he scrambled to take cover on Tuesday. But the car — full of teens — tossed eggs at him while he was working on his car.

Later, several teens were pulled over by Colonial Heights Police and charged with assault and destruction of property. Police say they were armed with eggs.

Looking at the egg shells at his feet, VCU sophomore Dustin Pierce said they were certainly better than shell casings but triggered anxiety nonetheless.

Egg Attack

“I was scared man,” Pierce said.

He had been putting the finishing touches on giving his brand-new car a thorough cleaning when he saw a car full of teens going back-and-forth up the street.

“The front end of my car was right here, and I was sitting on the ground cleaning brake dust as they approached from Breezy Hill at a high rate of speed,” he said.

Next, he says the car made a sharp turn and headed his way. He noticed the driver had eggs in his hand.

“He was holding them in his right hand and driving with his left as soon as he got close he hummed them out the window,” Pierce said.

Dustin Pierce

Dustin Pierce

The eggs splattered on his car and rear tire. Luckily, Pierce says they missed him and he was able to get a good car description and give it to police. Police arrested the teens at a mechanic shop on the Boulevard.

People living off Norfolk Avenue say at least a dozen cars were hit in their area last week. But police say so far the teens have only been charged with incidents on Tuesday, specifically the one involving Dustin Pierce.

“I’m thankful they got caught,” Pierce said. “I’m sad about their future, but hey, you gotta pay to play.”

Police are still early in their investigation and say if your car is hit by an egg, try to clean off the residue quickly, because it can ruin a paint job.


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