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Pastor convicted of stealing from churches dies in prison

Rodney Lee Rodis

Rodney Lee Rodis

A former catholic priest serving time for stealing from two churches where he served as pastor has died behind bars.

According to a national online database, Rodney Lee Rodis died on Tuesday, Aug. 5.

The 58-year-old was serving 13 years in prison in Louisa County for embezzling more than a million dollars from Immaculate Conception and St. Jude catholic churches.

There has been no word on how Rodis died.

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    • Kimmy

      Gail… only someone who does not know the Lord for themselves would make such a comment. We should hope and pray for those who are lost to be saved and for the restoration of those who are fallen. If a person believes in hell, then one can safely arrive at the conclusion they must believe in heaven also. To find joy and rejoice over the hope and possibility of a soul burning in hell is quite disturbing. Our Lord and Savior would never rejoice over a person dying in their sins; that’s why He says we are to seek Him while He can be found. I will pray for you. Remember, even the RIGHTEOUS are “scarcely” saved (1 Peter 4:18)…

  • Becky

    Must be more to this story that needs to be correctly orchestrated. Seems from August 5 to
    August 15, the “investigators” could frame some sort of Public Information Report/Response.
    Why was it hidden this long? Is this still Public Government?

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