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Private autopsy finds teenager Michael Brown shot six times

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FERGUSON, Missouri (CNN) — Michael Brown was shot at least six times, according to the preliminary results of a private autopsy that his family requested.

The independent autopsy was conducted by high-profile pathologist Michael Baden. Baden testified in the O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector and Drew Peterson murder trials.

Family attorney Daryl Parks did not provide additional details about the preliminary results.

However, the New York Times reported that two of the bullets struck Brown in the head. The other four struck him in the right arm — and all six were fired into his front.

“This is bound to escalate tensions,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson told CNN. “This is a very provocative report.”

WATCH: Livestream from Ferguson

Even before the release of this latest information, the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson has been a racially charged tinderbox.

Late Sunday night, a day of peaceful protests devolved into a night of gunfire, Molotov cocktails and tear gas .

Officers fired tear gas into a crowd of hundreds of protesters marching toward a police command post ht. Authorities also struck one defiant protester with rubber bullets.

St. Louis County police said several protesters had thrown Molotov cocktails toward the officers before authorities shot tear gas toward them.

“That is a lie. It was no fight, it was no shots fired,” a very upset protester, Lisha Williams, told CNN. “The only ones who fired was police. All we did was march to the command center to fall to our knees and say, ‘Don’t shoot.’ And they started shooting.”

The violence escalated through the night as shots were fired toward police. Officers had to take up a defensive position behind vehicles.

Officers had tried to push back and contain a crowd of protesters, which included children. The crowd didn’t let up despite an impending midnight curfew.

“I’m astonished at this reversal of mood,” Jackson said. “The mood was so positive.”

The scene was a far cry from a packed church earlier Sunday, where hundreds of people gathered for a two-hour rally demanding justice for Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager shot dead eight days ago by a white police officer.

A cousin of Brown told the church audience that Brown was killed without reason.

“What I want y’all to remember is that Michael Brown was not just some young black boy. He was a human being … ,” Ty Pruitt said. “He was not a suspect. He was not an object. He was not an animal. But that’s how he was killed.”

Michael Brown’s parents — Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. — appeared on stage at the rally at Greater Grace Church with attorney Benjamin Crump but didn’t address the audience.

“What we’re really asking for is simple justice,” Crump said. “We’re not asking for anything extraordinary. They just want what anybody else would want if their children were shot down in broad daylight.”

Crump said there would be an independent investigation in addition to the federal and local probes already under way.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson spoke to the 1,300 people in the congregation and said he had a heavy heart.

“The past 24 hours have been tough for me,” said Johnson, who took over security in the town on Thursday after what many saw as an overly aggressive police response by the local authorities. Johnson said he met with members of the Brown family and was moved to tears.

Protests had turned violent on Saturday night as well after a curfew began. One male was shot overnight Saturday, authorities said. It was unclear how old he was or who shot him. The victim was in critical condition Sunday.

Officials said state highway patrol officers didn’t fire any shots. They did fire tear gas to get to the wounded victim, Johnson said early Sunda

A third autopsy

Brown was shot to death August 9 by a police officer after a confrontation as the teen walked down the street. Accounts of exactly what happened when Officer Darren Wilson stopped Brown vary widely.

Witnesses said they saw a scuffle between the officer and Brown at the police car before the young man was shot. Police said Brown struggled with the officer and reached for his weapon.

Several witnesses said Brown raised his hands and was not attacking the officer.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has approved another autopsy on Brown’s body, the Justice Department said. The autopsy will be conducted by a federal medical examiner.

CNN’s Steve Almasy and Holly Yan reported and wrote from Atlanta; Steve Kastenbaum reported from Ferguson. CNN’s Jim Acosta, Eliott C. McLaughlin, Evan Perez, Joe Sutton, Ben Brumfield, Jennifer Duck and Greg Botelho contributed to this report.

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  • 143almostthere

    Officers sidearm or any handgun for that matter is a secondary weapon versus a shotgun or rifle. Officers are trained to shoot to stop no matter how many rounds it takes. Also keep in mind most live shooting drills a minimum of two rounds at a time are fired each time the trigger is pulled. So there is nothing at all provocative or out of the ordinary about six rounds being shot. I think they will look at that one initial round being fired during the struggle as a clearing round which if anything supports the Officers fear for losing the struggle for his gun. People watch too much tv and compare fiction to real life and death struggles. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t have a clue.

    • Law

      These young adult can do whatever they want!!!! You all have nothing better to do than criticize. You need to something to do. Stop hating. Yall are a bunch of whining complaining pieces of shyt!!!! You say & post what the phuck you want now let these young people say what the phuck they want. On here everyday posting stupid shyt!!!!

      • manalishi

        “These young adult can do whatever they want!!!” Yeah, hence the dead thug. The only whining is you.

  • kitty

    I swear… the white human race is so cold towards blacks…. why would you all say so many hurtful things… this young Man was unarmed and not a violent thug….and you all have no compation as a. Parent….or human being…Oh I know why cause he ‘s black and a white officer killed him in the middle of the street in broad daylight….I hope you all with this negativity get what’s coming to you all……I hate white people like you all…

    • manalishi

      ” and not a violent thug” Are you completely in denial or drooling tarded?

      “I hope you all with this negativity get what’s coming to you all……I hate white people” Well aren’t you just special!

      • Queen

        Because he may be on tape doing this, does not make him a “thug”. He was young and only human and ppl make mistakes! Im pretty sure you’ve done some things your not proud of like lie to your parents or maybe cheated on a test. Does that make you a habitual liar or mean your gonna cheat on all test you’ll ever take? Just because he sinned differently than you doesn’t mean he deserved to be shot & killed like that! If you do your research, that video was tapped in june and the reports didn’t say anything about him being stopped for reasonable suspicion of robbery or assault! He was just walking in the middle of the street! And often times when African American ppl are pulled over or stopped is because of there appearance and the perception Caucasian officer’s have of them. It shows by the amount of minorities incarcerated and the difference in sentencing in white ppl versus blacks.

      • Sis

        Yea people make mistakes . And the officer could have not shot that many times . However everything will be recorded with dates and times. Strange he had the same clothing on in the video as he did on the ground. Why up old this guy in his wrong doings. I don’t get it. He robbed a store for cigars 50 of them. What do you think those were for? Then he’s standing in the middle of the road . Which mind u again is against the law. The rest is unsure but all I have to say is VIOLENCE ONLY BEGETS MORE VIOLENCE!

      • 143almostthere

        and with mistakes comes consequences. If you fight a lone cop while with another buddy you may get shot. To the one who took offense by many that call Brown a “thug” I’d say strong arm robber on video makes you a thug, nevermind what happened after.

    • 1 Peter 4:8

      To hope bad things happen to people shows what trash you are. All white people are “so cold” towards blacks is a very vague statement. If all white people hated blacks, then schools would still be segregated, there would be no black history month, Obama wouldnt be president (More white voters than blacks). So for you to say: “the white human race is so cold towards blacks” , you are truly confused just as the people you are talking about. I try to stay out of these comments, but when I see something like what you said, I see why the world is the way it is. The other commenters saying racist stuff, do no even deserve a reply. Yes I picked yours because you chose an entire Race. You are just as wrong.

  • Luv Life!

    Well, if the teens would stop breaking the law, acting like they are in charge and bullying people, maybe they would get more respect! What about staying in school, reading books, studying and getting a good education?! Is there anything wrong with being a decent human being? Is there anything wrong with speaking intelligently, wearing clothes properly and showing respect to others? Why don’t the parents step up to the plate and work hard to support their kids with education and a good life? The parents should not have to raise their illegitimate grandchildren. Welfare is not acceptable!

    • Carolyn

      Luv Life, what make you think that the parents are not working hard to support their child. I can’t stand reading all these comments that are unnecessary. All I can say is, how would any of you feel if it were your child.

      • Luv Life!

        Carolyn, my son knows right and wrong. He would not cheat, steal or lie! He works hard and he is going to college. He was never allowed to open a bottle of water or taste fruit until we had the receipt. He has a great deal of things to keep him busy! Morals and values are important! Why did Michael Brown feel the need to steal cigars? Why did he attack the policeman? No decency, no morals, no values! He wasn’t interested in going to college! He was a thug in the ‘hood!

  • Sis

    A lot of questions?? No one has asked! Wonder why mr brown wanted all those cigars? Could it be he’s rolling them with weed and selling them? He was up to no good point blank! Him robbing the store is very important his character is very important! He was a thug obviously.

  • Sis

    Lol that’s funny u actually think there paying out of there pocket for a second autopsy ! Think about it aaa no. Also just like the black girl In the Trevon Martin case she got paid all kinds of money . So will this tattoo punk that was with him

  • Jean

    All this rioting, shooting and fighting is not helping at all. This is being very disrespectful to the memory of Michael Brown and to his family. This is creating more problems than solutions. This is not the way to go about this. Let the police do their job. YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!!! With all the ruckus going on the police are not able to concentrate and do the job in finding out what really happened. I certainly hope that justice will be done for what did happen and the person or persons involved with be brought to justice. I just pray that an end to this will come in a peaceful manner and with God’s help and the help of the citizens in Ferguson that will happen. This young man should be enjoying his first days in college, not being laid to rest. I pray the God give the Brown family comfort in the days ahead. God Bless them.

    • Sis

      He wouldn’t have been able to start his first day at school he would have been in jail for strong arm robbery!

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