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Prince George’s County 3-year-old girl kidnapped, and fatally stabbed

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(CNN) — A Maryland medical examiner said Sunday that a man fatally shot and stabbed a 3-year-old girl found inside a car after a police shootout.

Prince George’s County Police said they believe the man, identified as Frederick Roy Miller, 38, of Landover, Maryland, was the girl’s father. He was killed in the Saturday afternoon gun battle.

Police said they don’t know why Miller went on a shooting spree that left the girl’s caregivers, her maternal grandfather and great-grandmother, in critical condition in a hospital.

Police spokesman Lt. Bill Alexander said officers began pursuing Miller early Saturday afternoon after he shot the girl’s grandfather and great-grandmother at a house in Temple Hills and drove away in a Nissan Maxima.

One of the wheels fell off the suspect’s car, and he stopped and exchanged gunfire with police, Alexander said.

The suspect kept driving but stopped again and traded gunfire with police a second time.

Miller was killed in the second exchange, Alexander said. Inside the vehicle, police found the wounded 3-year-old, who later died, Alexander said.

Police said Saturday they don’t know who fired the bullets that killed the man.

The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave.

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  • Becky

    This is probably the Police Fault. Think new era tide has turned. Should public Demand the
    name and race of all concerned in this shootout?

    • Shelby

      Shut up Becky! ! This is clearly not the police fault. The race of the deceased doesn’t matter. The police acted as they should have in this case unlike the police in Missouri.

      • Becky

        Hell NO, Shelby. I am “JUSTIFIABLY OUTRAGED!”
        Outraged that RACE “plays: such a high value factor..IF it IS Politically Advantageous;
        and PC covered up IF it is NOT Politically Advantageous.

      • Becky

        Ah, look. Rita is playing a “new democratic outraged, talking point”.
        She didn’t use the nationwide overused “Ignorant” this time.
        Dang it is so clearly transparent that the self-anointed loving, caring, kind, benevolent and inclusive to ALL Democrats are Demonstrating, Justifying mean, angry, spitting, insulters with violence, turmoil and chaos as their real mode of operation.

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