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State jobs could be slashed as Gov. McAuliffe tackles budget gap

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. -- Happening today at the State Capitol, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe will be talking about your tax dollars. We have learned the state economy is not rebounding as quickly as other states, meaning cutbacks may be on the horizon. Some state workers may find themselves out of a job, while some state programs may be scaled back or eliminated all together.

Later this morning the Governor is set to talk with both the state and house finance committees. The discussion is centered around the Commonwealth potentially being forced to make deeper revenue cuts to the $1.5 billion already allocated in the state's current two year budget.

But a looming concern is whether there are some jobs or other programs already on the chopping block?

CBS 6 Political Analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth said the Governor may have a difficult time tackling the budget gap.

"I think what we are going to have to see is whether or not the Governor essentially suggests that the cuts are going to be a little bit across the board--with every agency and every function of state government is going to cut back," Holsworth said. "Or is the Governor basically going to say he is going to keep some areas intact and others are going to take a little bigger hit."

Because the state government is a major employer in Central Virginia, this could have a huge impact on those in Richmond. The meeting is set to begin at 9:30 Friday morning.

Stay with CBS 6 News for new details as they become available.


    • Robbie

      You’re right! Bob McDonnell stole over 600 million from the states retirement system his first year in office to balance his budget. That was so he wouldn’t have to raise taxes. He’d have taken more the following 3 years but he was to busy taking bribes, I mean gifts, instead of doing his job.

      • AntiCommunist

        We are sure that Party Commissar McAwful (C-Somewhere else) can fix this by close cooperation with the House of Delegates. Not.

        Maybe your Party Comrades have convicted McDonnell but Americans will wait for the jury. I am sure that none of your Socialists ever did anything like that did they?

  • dale

    once again you voted for it so enjoy.I love how anytime something goes wrong with a dem they and the voters blame the one that came before them.its old.Somebody has to pay for all that free stuff you get robbie

    • Robbie

      Are you on drugs? McAuliffe has been in office 8 months. McDonnell dropped the gas tax in favor of higher sales tax. If people aren’t spending money, tax revenue ain’t coming in. That ain’t nobodies fault. I commented on McDonnell stealing money from the VRS and the fact that he took bribes.

  • seeit

    IF listening to the PC Media’s coverage of the PC Perfect Governor, there are PC hints of from McAuliffe’s insider Federal tip offs to downsize Federal JOBS in Virginia too. While McAuliffe is hawking JOBS in Virginia, it is the will, the power, and agenda to CUT Them. Democratic Double-Talk is Amazing! and PC.

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