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Black smoke rises as fire consumes elementary school playground

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Investigators are working to determine who, or what, started a fire that damaged the playground at Fairfield Court Elementary Friday afternoon. The fire at Phaup Street was reported at about 4:30 p.m.

Richmond School Board member Jeffrey Bourne supplied CBS 6 with a photo of the fire and black smoke rising from the playground.

Fairfield Court Elementary

Fairfield Court Elementary playground fire.

There have been several playground fires reported in Richmond over the last few years. In July, a fire damaged the playground at Overby-Sheppard Elementary School. Richmond School Board member Kim Gray said the cost to replace the playground was around $150,000.

She said since she started on the school board in 2009, she could remember at least five playground fires.

In May, a Richmond elementary school student was arrested for allegedly trying to set fire at the Woodville Elementary School playground. In 2013, someone set fire to a playground for special need students at J.L. Francis ElementaryThat playground cost around $70,000 to build, school officials said.


  • Ed

    I don’t think that richmond in the city is the happy metro in the US. Just saying It needs to do a lot more in the city to make it better. I hate to say it but the county gov. I think are
    lot more on the ball than its center city. needs to care more and do more for a city that has crime problems that people in richmond are more about getting box seats at redskins stadeim than helping this city out what the ####

  • Ed

    I can see it now the redskins want to build the team to move RVA saids yes we will put up 60 mill we will just not have Any thing but it will pay off for the city gov. People think this could never happen but I think they would spend the money as long as the city gov. Gets the best seats in the house and money under the table they would do it! If not they would tell the redskins to leave. They don’t care about the city at all. They care about them selves they pay a zero some game. Poor poor RVA city :( rich county getting richer

  • Ed

    My point the people in the city should stand up against this bad government or your play grounds are just going to keep burning so to speak Vote them out!

  • Becky

    Does Tax Paid perpetual care for repetitious vandalisms ever come under Government Waste,
    Fraud, and Abuse Laws?

  • Becky

    Is it time to beg from all the Government’s Distaff, Tax Exempt, Special Interests Groups, set up to subsidize, bolster, shore up and sustain failed government programs?

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