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WATCH: You voted, now watch CBS 6 staffers take Ice Bucket Challenge

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RICHMOND, Va. -- We've accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge! You picked six CBS 6 staffers to get iced on TV.

Check out these videos to watch the top six take the challenge. We've also made a donation to the ALS Association.

Several people on the CBS 6 news team have already taken the Ice Bucket Challenge. Check out their videos below.


  • cmberman

    All of the news, weather, and traffic team should take the ALS Bucket Challenge. Then challenge other local or network stations.

  • Monica

    Nobody, this is stupid…..the challenge is either donate $ to charity OR dump water on your head…..if you post a video you are basically saying you’d rather douse yourself in cold water than give to charity

  • Max

    Hey Monica, I never make comments on stories…never, but I wanted you to know how sad I was to read your comment. My family has been supporting the ALS foundation since my wife’s father was diagnosed with ALS 11 years ago(average lifespan is 18-24 months after diagnosis. He’s a hell of a fighter!). Thanks to the attention garnered by this ice bucket frenzy, the foundation has brought in more money for research than they have in several years combined. It has truly been astounding to see how this wonderful charity has gone from obscurity to national prominence because of this new found social media attention. True, some of those that choose the ice water don’t contribute, but many do. In fact, most celebrities who have done this have donated anyway. I guess I’ll just remain optimistic about the good that’s being done in the name of a little fun. I hope you can see that.

  • kelly

    this is just stupid.just donate the money if you wanna help rather then get attention for do realize in parts of the world clean water is hard to come by?tards

  • Solutionsnotcrybabies

    Love anytime pretty gals have water thrown on them no matter what the cause. Jarita those arm floaties were hilarious good job all!!

  • Solutionsnotcrybabies

    also “Kristen” you can’t challenge two people unless you take two buckloads so you are due another bucket.

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