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VDOT says this is the most common type of crash in the Route 1 area

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HANOVER, Va. – The history of a stretch of road in Hanover, spotlighted recently after the death of a father, shows the fatal accident wasn’t the only of its kind.

The portion of Route 1 from Lewistown Road to the Ashland corporate limits is maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation and accommodates more than 14,500 vehicles daily.

Floyd Robinson Jr’s. car was rear- ended when he slowed to make a left turn into the Sheehy Ford car dealership.  Robinson, age 41, was thrown from his vehicle, along with his two children six-year-old Tiara Robinson and 11-year-old Tashawn, who remain hospitalized.

He was stopped in the left southbound lane of Rt. 1 and about to turn into Sheehy when a 1998 Ford van hit his car from behind, investigators said.

Floyd Robinson, Jr., his wife and daughter (PHOTO: Robinson family photo)

Floyd Robinson, Jr., his wife and daughter (PHOTO: Robinson family photo)

“This caused Robinson’s vehicle to spin into the northbound lane at which time all occupants, who were not wearing seatbelts, were ejected from the vehicle onto the northbound side of the roadway,” Hanover County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Chris Whitley said. “In an effort to avoid the crash, a third vehicle (a 2013 Ford Fusion) traveling northbound on Rt. 1 swerved and struck Robinson’s vehicle,” Whitley said. “This caused a fourth vehicle (a 2007 GMC SUV) to swerve to avoid hitting the 2013 Ford Fusion, which then struck Robinson who was lying in the roadway.”

Folks who work and drive on that road daily say it’s no surprise to hear about accidents there.

VDOT says the most common type of crash they’ve seen is rear end collisions, over a three-year period.

“I know for sure that people do not go the speed limit. I think they just don’t pay attention,” said driver Ellin Willis, who was at the scene of the crash.

The spot where Robinson’s car was rear-ended has no turn lane.

A few hundred feet south, there is one.

Willis and a few other drivers in the area who spoke with CBS 6 news wonder if additional safety features are needed.

crash stats

“I think there should be a light there,” driver Rick Mallory explained.”There’s a lot of traffic coming out of that industrial area.”

“Eventually they're going to have to put a light there so it can control the traffic and that will slow traffic in that area, ” he added.

“I think they should add barriers on where drivers can't enter and where they can,”said driver Reianne Barreres. “Just standing here in the past 20 minutes, I’ve seen 3 people turn where they weren't supposed to.”
For the volume and distance of this stretch of road, VDOT says the crash rate is actually lower than average, when compared to all primary VDOT routes in the Richmond district.

Representatives say it’s their policy to conduct reviews after fatal crashes.  That involves a review of the crash report, a site visit and developing any recommendations for further action if needed.

As for the crash that claimed Robinson’s life, Hanover officials say they are still investigating. Charges are still pending in the case.

Funeral arrangements for Floyd Robinson, Jr. have not yet been finalized.


  • seeit

    My Goodness! Did VDOT say who engineers these VDOT roads? Did VDOT emphasize that traffic rules, regulation, and laws are not adequately enforced on any roads, highways, or interstate?
    Is VDOT implying that because citizens can’t be regulated, and their behaviors can’t be enforced,
    that Government needs more Government money to reconstruct and foster more Government Failures? Imagine that.

  • Connie M. Fredercksen

    My husband drives this way to work every day. He works in Ashland. Rt. 1 is always busy and people will not do the speed limit. And 95 North is not an option as there is always heavy traffic there too. My heart goes out to this family at their loss, the families of all involved who helped out and tried to swerve to miss everyone.

  • Bernice Marsh

    Don’t people remember traffic laws! I know that intersection all to well. There is a double, double yellow lines that serves as a island. You can’t make a left into Sheey there, yet so many do. Folks just take the extra 3 seconds and use the turn lane!

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