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‘Sons of Guns’ reality star Will Hayden arrested, accused of child molestation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(CNN) — “Sons of Guns” star Will Hayden was arrested on child molestation charges. The owner of the firearms business behind the hit Discovery Channel series was arrested and booked in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, early Saturday.

Because of the nature of the arrest, further details on the charges have been sealed by court order.

Hayden was released the same day after posting $150,000 bail. The reality star was also charged with “a crime against nature.”

Hayden is the founder of Red Jacket Firearms in Louisiana. “Sons of Guns” follows Hayden and those who run the custom weapons company. The show ended its fifth season in May.

Representatives for Discovery Channel had no comment on the incident, while calls to Hayden’s lawyer have not been returned.


  • Sarasota

    So from other reports I’ve read, Hayden has custody of a daughter and the mother of that girl made the molestation allegation after he kicked her to the curb. The daughter was interviewed and *returned* to Hayden after the authorities found nothing had happened. Obviously, that fact gets in the way of the click-bait that passes as news, today.

  • h

    There had to have been enough evidence to charge him with something; so why charge him and then give the kid back? There was either enough evidence to charge him and fear that she was not safe; or there was not enough evidence to prove she was unsafe, and therefore should not have been enough evidence to charge. The way it’s sounding from other sources, it seems like BRPD wanted that bail proceed.

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