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In wake of Brown shooting, National Moment of Silence held in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Several dozen people in the Richmond area made their way downtown Thursday night for a peaceful protest.

The group marched from Broad St. to Monroe Park in the silent walk and then came together for a moment of silence.

"We're walking for justice, we're walking for Mike Brown," said Keisha Williams, who attended the event.

The National Moment of Silence event comes after the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri Saturday afternoon.

The college bound 18-year-old was shot and killed by police. Witnesses said Brown was unarmed and had his hands in the air. However, police said the teen physically assaulted the officer.

Thursday's even was one of many throughout the U.S. in response to the violence protests in Ferguson since Brown's death.

"To demonstrate peace and justice for Mike Brown and everyone who has lost their life," said Williams..

Williams and others said they hope Thursday's message in Richmond with reach beyond the city limits.

"Sometimes people don't know how they can make a difference and hopefully things like this will continue to happen," said Williams.


  • Timmy McFadden

    This is epic. It can be summed up in two words: Tawana Brawley.

    Ms Brawley lives in Hopewell now and she is a classic example of women’s tendencies to lie in order to be the center of attention.

  • Johnnie G

    The whole Ferguson episode is shocking and saddening on many levels. I hope this sparks some sort of change, I can understand the frustration of the residents there.

    • manalishi

      I don’t understand the looting, arson & drive by’s as a result. Please explain this frustration as the reality it turned out to be.

      • manalishi

        They held a moment of silence for someone obviously deserving to be shot. Full footage(not the clipped wtvr damage control) of your “gentle giant” in his natural state.

        I would trust the statement from the shooting cop before ANY P.O.S. democrat.

    • Keith

      I’d like to see the entire police force walk off the job. Especially in Richmond. That’s what it’s going to take to open some eyes to the importance of law enforcement. Forty killed in Chicago in a weekend and these people have the gall to get all bent out of shape over one dead by a police officer. A police officer that was assaulted. I don’t care why. Ya strike a police officer, you get a bullet. It’s simple. If it’s happening all the time, then dammit something is wrong sure enough. Someone isn’t obeying the law. No police officer wakes up and says they are going to kill a black person. To say they do is pure bull. Do without em by God. See what your own kind will bring you as far as peace and harmony. Ya ought to be glad there are police. If I was a cop, it wouldn’t take me two seconds to decide. Protect and serve what? A bunch of ungrateful’s and a President that backs em. It’s sad.

  • B Addy

    I can understand the frustration of the business owner who had their stores destroyed by packs of savages. They should have shot them on sight.

    • mike

      Use deadly force because someone is stealing? I can understand if they are doing an armed robbery. It’s people like you who are the reason for situations like this. They could have tazed him or used a club if he was acting unruly; they did not have to shoot this unarmed teen.

      • manalishi

        Absolutely shoot them. He wasnt’ talking about the unarmed teen and you know it. Your just trying to rationalize animal behavior. Protesters do not loot, riot. commit arson or do drive by’s. Drop them where they stand or it will continue.

      • B Addy

        Right Mike. People like me are the reason for animals looting.
        What an idiot you are. How can you tie your shoes in the morning?

      • 143almostthere

        He was a suspect in a robbery. He fought with the Police and the Officer reported he tried to take away his gun. If those two statements end up being the truth then you all owe the Police Department an apology.

  • mj

    If all of the people participating in this moment of silence each time a murder was committed in the city of Richmond, rather than just when it is politically expedient, then maybe the movement would be seen as genuine.

    • KnightOwl

      Amen. This PC crowd could care less about REAL victims right here in our own city. Their little opportunistic march is nothing more that a publicity stunt to satisfy their own ego and to try to jump into the media limelight. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • seeit

    Governance of, by, and through Media.
    For days the Media has been stoking, provoking, provocating their one-way coverage of entitlements of Rioters, against the Police. In the midst of the Presidential “concern”, mysteriously, magically, there is… Calm. Today Media is Advertising silence, peace, calm, unity, and prayers, but
    still advocating separation, of, by, and for race. Media Mind Controls.

  • manalishi

    A border patrol agent is murdered off duty, in front of his family by 2 illegal aliens. Yet you won’t hear s**t from from these “protesters” as described in this article. Doesn’t match the “we are special” agenda..

  • donnie

    can we get a moment of silence for all the cops killed by black thugs.how about one for all the whites killed by blacks and why youre at maybe one more for the black on black killings daily.funny how theres no outrage until a white cop shoots a black teen.

  • cris

    anybody seen the video of this armed robber beating a old lady before he attacked this cop and was shot?the true story will slowly come out.wait for it

  • sw

    No cop even a racist cop would not be stupid enough to shoot an unarmed black kid in the middle of the street with his hands raised and witnesses looking on. Please spare me!! That story did not pass the smell test from the get go. Parents are pissed because now the truth is coming out about their so called “Good Boy”.

  • Paula

    Tom your comment just been reported. A useless person was you the day your mother gave birth. Tne word negro is what your grandparent said. Today the one is BLACK. Negro is what your granddaddy call the black man he catch your .om in bed with. Check your blood. You might be a negro .

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    I really appreciate them staying silent. That’s how I like this crowd. (your same people who protest anything)

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