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Man found dead inside Kings Charter home; investigation underway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE: The incident was resolved Tuesday at about 10:30 p.m., Hanover Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Chris Whitley said.

Unfortunately, the homeowner was found deceased after officers entered the residence to check his welfare, and we are conducting a death investigation,” he said. “While it is still under investigation, it does not appear to be suspicious, and we are not looking for any suspects or additional information from the public.” 

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. – A heavy police presence is being reported in the Kings Charter subdivision in Hanover County Tuesday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses said that no one is being allowed in or out of part of the neighborhood near the 10200 block of Stratford Hall Court.

Neighbors also told CBS 6 that they saw deputies brandishing a shotguns in the street.

The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that deputies are working a non-criminal incident.

“Any idea what’s going on at the Kings Charter development in the Hanover area near the airpark?” Nathan Hughes asked on Twitter. “Lots of police, won’t let anyone in.”

The incident also sparked conversation on the neighborhood’s Facebook group.

One resident posted that deputies are asking residents to use an alternate route to bypass that part of the neighborhood.

“There are at least 10 cop cars all around,” one user wrote.

CBS 6 News has a crew headed to the scene. Stay with WTVR.com and CBS 6 News for updates on this developing story. 


  • bob

    Hmm, seems odd to me. Ten police cars and deputies brandishing shotguns, but nothing non-criminal? Must be a rabid skunk.

  • mbaker9105

    Could be someone threatened a resident over the phone, someone seen trying to break into a house and the police may have reason to believe person is still in the area, who knows. If it were animal related they would probably say so and state animal control is on scene. Just because they have said it’s non-criminal doesn’t mean much, except they are not certain a crime has been committed and are investigating. Maybe someone saw someone with a gun who might not live there, or didn’t recognize the person. That would explain all the cops. Since they may not have much to go on, no need to have SWAT out there.

  • E Marshall Buckles

    Non-criminal could mean several things. Might have found some evidence related to a crime and just trying to make certain it is preserved. Might be a person threatening suicide. Might be some sort of dangerous situation which has developed such as a gas leak, some dangerous animal or some such. Sometimes they have to close off an area – which they have the authority to do – for public safety reasons due to the potential of contaminating evidence and so forth. Also, several Deputies present does not mean that the swat team is there. If it was happening in my neighborhood, I’d just be glad that they are there, protecting the public as they so ably and dedicatedly do.

    • E Marshall Buckles

      Although I live in Hanover, I am from the northeastern Tennessee/southwestern Virginia area where family and friends still live. In a Tennessee county, adjacent to the Tennessee/Virginia state line, the county is about the same size in population and territory, maybe a bit larger, as Hanover. If something happens in someone’s neighborhood there, it can take up to an hour for their Sheriff’s Department to get there, so it has been said by some sources. Hopefully things have improved in them, however, when I worked for a security alarm firm, a few years ago, I was aware of some rural counties, in the Richmond area, where if something happened in the evening or late at night or early morning, the dispatcher (communications officer) would have to call the Deputy on call at home, he’d have to get up and get dressed and go see what was happening or during the day, he’d have to finish what he was doing one place and then finally go to a new call. Would you want an “Andy and Barney of Mayberry” sort of Sheriff’s Department where Andy and Barney have to pull on their pants, amble on over to see what was up? The criminals and trouble makers love those sorts of localities but I doubt that you would like it so much. I sure would not. And if you don’t think that Hanover Sheriff’s Deputies have much to do, perhaps you should ask to ride along with them and see what it is that they do.

    • Dan

      Yeah, a guy threatening to kill himself with a gun, no big deal. They just all rolled up because they had nothing to do between the fatal accident on rte 1 and the 14 car pileup on 95 that day…

  • Kenny Powers

    Would you rather have them writing you bogus traffic tickets? I would be glad for them to hang out in my neighborhood with shotguns. Maybe I could leave my garage door open for a change.

  • Ryan Mayton

    So what what did the news crew discover? Why the heavy police presence. What happened? Don’t leave us hanging?

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