Kansas City police officer dances off with teens

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A Kansas City police officer showed off his best dance moves when he danced off with some teens on Sunday.

It was all caught on a video shared by the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department Facebook page. A boy begins the dance-off, and is then followed by the member of the department’s Eastern Patrol Division. He used a dance move involving arm flailing and toe tapping that he called “The Octopus.”

The police department admitted that the teens had the better moves at the end of it all, and even said a dancing course may be included in the academy , because “it looks like we need it.”


  • Robbie

    I can see it now…white officer stomps feet at poor black kids, mother hires Trayvon Martins attorney. Riot ensues, wheels, tires, TVs are looted from stores. Mother settle’s out of court for millions, officer appears on dancing with the stars.


    You need to read about the cop in New york who tried to arrest the mom for breast feeding and they were white. SOME of these cops are no good

  • Jimmy Massey

    After the clip was done playing the male news caster stated he was “Teminally Caucasion” making a racial slur. I find that offensive and inappropiate for your news station, news teat and the news caster. I would expect an on air appology and leave editorials for the appropiate time and place.

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