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Mother attacks after strangers remove her child from hot car

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Officials said a mother became belligerent after strangers rescued her child from a hot car in Kansas City, Missouri.

According to WDAF, witnesses noticed a child in an unlocked car with the windows partially rolled down.

Police said the witnesses told them the child in the car seat was wet with sweat so they took her out of the car and called 911. The witnesses then took the child inside a nearby restaurant to cool off, police said.

Officers said the child’s mother came out of a game store nearby and started yelling to return her child to the car; they did not.

According to WDAF, the mother started hitting one of the witnesses and his shirt was torn during the scuffle.

When officers arrived, they said the mother told them she left her child in the car because the girl was sleeping.

Authorities said during all the commotion the child vomited and witnesses said they had removed the child’s shirt because “it was wet.”

Officers said the temperature inside the vehicle was 89 degrees when they got to the scene.

The mother is being held on child endangerment and assault charges.

Her name has not yet been released.

MORE: See the full story from WDAF


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