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3 hurt or killed in 3 days in Henrico roads

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Three people have been hurt or killed in three days while walking, or riding in a wheelchair, along Henrico County roads.

Thursday near Mechanicsville Turnpike, a 65-year-old woman was struck and killed trying to get to the bus stop in her wheelchair.

Friday night on Staples Mill Road, a man was killed walking near the Cross Ridge Shopping Center in Glen Allen.

Early Saturday morning, a man was seriously injured when he was run over by a car near Mountain Road.

For Mills Yvette and others without cars, this is a serious concern.

"We are all very scared anyway and we don't know what to think of it," Yvette said.

AAA provided a list of tips for pedestrians to follow to stay safe.

The tips the include putting down phones, not using headphones and wearing bright clothing especially at night.


  • mia

    Enforcement starts in the driver’s seat… slow down, look out of your car to the street rather than looking at your gps, cell phone, smart device, passenger, kids, pets… the backside of your eyelids… leave plenty of room between you and the other vehicles, and mind the shoulders where people DO still walk and bicycle… supposedly this is still taught in driver’s education. Drivers have become callous, distracted, self-possessed ninnies.

  • Linda

    I live on a side road where cars have been clocked doing over 65 MPH. The Police have been called, have come out written tickets and tell me there is nothing they can do. Someone is going to get killed on this road and I have done my part. Henrico needs to step up before we have another seiously injured person or worse, another death!

  • Ron Melancon

    Just wait until this happens around the crappiest road in Henrico. Springfield and Echo Lake. We can send man to the moon in under 10 years but can’t build a road in almost 40 years that was planned in the 70’s Even President Jimmy Carter could have done better

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