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Father alerts mother of son’s death only when ‘smell became too strong’

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HARRISBURG, Penn. – A Pennsylvania father of an 8-year-old mentally disabled boy has been arrested after his wife noticed a strong odor coming from her family’s home and discovered that their son had been dead for days.

Jarrod Tutko Sr., 38, is being charged with endangering the welfare of children, concealing the death of children and abuse of a corpse, according to Fox6Now.com.

Tutko was the primary caretaker and has 5 children all together. Several of the children suffer from medical conditions. All were taken into state custody.

Pennlive.com reports Kimberly Tutko told police Jarrod Tutko waited several days to tell her their son had died. FOX6Now.com reports when the odor of decomposition became too strong, Tutko Sr. alerted his wife to the dead child. She then called police.

Tutko Sr. is currently in prison. He has a court date set for August 12th.


    • Stacey

      I was thinking the same thing. That’s a question she definitely needs to answer with a GOOD explanation.

  • Groomergirl

    She should be charged with neglect at least!!!(For now)She is the MOTHER that also lived in the home!!!Sick family obviously!!

  • Tammy Robinson

    I want to know where the mother was as well. How do you live in the same home as a child (especially one with mental disabilities) and go days without seeing the child. I blame her as much, if not more than the father. Poor child,I can’t imagine how long and to what extent the poor child must have suffered….. :(

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