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HOLMBERG: We heard about the first lady’s crush on Jonnie Williams, but where’s Mrs. Williams?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. -- You can find Celeste Williams, the wife of the now infamous Jonnie Williams, on the witness lists for both the prosecution and the defense in this historic corruption trial at the Federal Courthouse that just wound up its first week.

But you won’t find the mysterious Celeste Williams pictured prominently among the mansion players or partiers or featured in news stories about her husband and this whole mess.

In fact, you won’t find any photos of her online or even in the newsletter for the Hermitage Country Club, which adjoins the Williams’ plush 28-acre property in Manakin (although there is a brief mention of her among members having a June birthday.)

All my researching netted is that she donated some money to the Mitt Romney campaign, among other Republican candidates.

I left her phone message, asking if she’d talk about her view of all this, since her husband brought her up in dramatic testimony during day three of the trial. (She did not return that call, and no one answered my ring at their gated estate.)

Williams testified that he successfully treated his wife’s serious thyroid problem – one that surgeons were about to operate on – with his milestone discovery, the tobacco-based substance in Anatabloc.

He told the court he is convinced his discovery is the most significant medical miracle since antibiotics.

He and his products also ensnared the former first couple in the first corruption trial of a Virginia governor.

On Friday we heard testimony that there were 1,200 texts between Jonnie Williams and Mrs. McDonnell over a two-year period, along with many phone calls and personal visits.

And Williams admitted today that the governor didn’t know he was buying $20,000 worth of dresses and other clothes for Maureen McDonnell while Williams sat on an ottoman outside of the big-name New York City dressing rooms where the governor’s wife was trying on the dresses.

CBS-6 legal analyst Todd Stone said that testimony and other statements made by Williams indicating he couldn’t say whether the governor knew the first lady was receiving other gifts appeared to give Bob McDonnell some credible distance.

The governor’s defense team has said the First Lady had a crush on the smooth-operating Williams.

Perhaps Celeste Williams will be asked about all this.

It certainly appears she can testify about how to be discreet, unlike the former First Lady on trial.


  • manalishi

    “”And Williams admitted today that the governor didn’t know he was buying $20,000 worth of dresses and other clothes for Maureen McDonnell while Williams sat on an ottoman outside of the big-name New York City dressing rooms where the governor’s wife was trying on the dresses.”..Oh yeah,,,Williams was smashing that a**. He had a “leg up” on the whole situation. Quid pro,,,still no quo.

  • See

    Celeste Williams manages “discreet” under the management, protections and manipulations of Fed Forces’ “Protection of it’s “Stars” to take down their opponents.
    Do Johnny William’s professional business associates ply, buy, and flirt with his wife, Celeste and family members, behind his back, as a known “business maneuver”? Is that where he learned his technique? PAYOLA is
    “Correct, Legal, and Condoned” by Feds if it can be USED to their advantages, along with LYING?
    Media, Todd Stone, Feds with Tax Financing, and Johnny Williams, Associates, and Family are all PAID for their
    this staged Production Number against The Governor and His Family. That’s “PC Correct” while condoning, covering, ignoring and and pretending that their “Star”, Johnny Williams set up Payola Scams, lying, forgetting, and covering up isn’t the entire basis for this “DoInjustice” Take Down of a Political Opponent from jump street and enabled by BUYING
    the Disgruntled Chef too.
    Heavily Financed Party Feds with Government Media’s long running targeted, assault, droned, Daily Bombardments of the Governor’s “Corruption” Feeds and Nourishes their Flock by All Out Systematic, Symptomatic Corruption of all Federal US Government agencies, departments, forces by The Most illegal, lawless, unconstitutional Dictator is Fun, Fodder, and Feeding of the Flock that loves their Lying Corruption but uses the thing they Corrupt to attack their Opponents.

      • Ford

        Only if it is pure BS poppycock. It’s hard to believe anyone would define the writing abilities of either you or Becky. Flourished rhetoric aside designed to impress yourself, your level of writing competence is extremely low.

  • Btwo

    I used to have a degree of respect for you Mark. That went out the window yesterday when you all but gave Celeste Williams’ address and residential location to the “I wanna know” public. We have no idea what role Mrs. Williams had in this fiasco (if any) yet you and CBS 6 show the entrance of the Williams property and announce which country club the property borders on. This is not a house fire or a murder scene or a nissing person case. What value does your story have, particularly when you intentionally disclose the residential location of a witness in a Federal Court case? Perhaps one day the favor can be returned and the world will know “Everything you ever wanted to know about Mark Holmberg but were afraid to ask”. Why don’t you just announce on the next CBS 6 newscast your home address and phone number? I’m sure many folks would love to just drop by to say hello.

    • manalishi

      Not trying defend Mark’s method. nor would i defend the Gov or Mrs. Gov.but from the “I wanna know” standpoint. how is any immediate member of the Williams family exempt from the same scrutiny? Not only did Williams get immunity in this case, but a blanket immunity for securities fraud not related to “giftgate” which is completely unheard of. Given this case has the aroma of malicious prosecution by the sleaziest administration in history, it’s refreshing to shine a little light on those that escaped justice. Your knee jerk defense mechanism is partisan suspect as well as textbook diversionary.

  • Btwo

    Manalishi, I don’t know what textbook you are reading from but I can assure you that my comments are neither “knee jerk” nor “diversionary”. Quite the contrary. My point is simply that one in a position such as Holmbergs (or anyone else for that matter) should not be providing the general public with information related to a persons residential location. I am in full agreement with you as to the lengths that the Fed’s will go to “acquire” the desired testimony from a witness. The truth is checked at the door of the courthouse in unbelievable numbers everyday in this country for the sake of chalking one up in the “win” column. How is the use of transactional immunity for Williams’ “helpful” testimony any different than Williams being helpful to the First Couple? Williams provides something that the Fed’s desparately need and in return, the Fed’s do a favor for Williams testimony…….provided that he testifies “properly”. Scare tactics, threats of obstruction, we’ll air your dirty laundry but only if you don’t cooperate, no one will know that you’re involved, we’ll protect your identity. Just a few of the tactics that not only the Fed’s use today, but State and local law enforcement as well. Four words that every American should know today, “I want my lawyer”. Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t even help. It just ticks off the prosecution and they open the flood gates against you. What we’re seeing unfold at the Federal Courthouse in Richmond is as you stated earlier, politics, pure and simple. It certainly can’t be defined as justice.

    • manalishi

      BTWO, I kind of see you point but given this is a public trial, Mark is well within journalistic boundaries to give the exact location. It’s not as if the residence is secret. Celeste will likely be called as a witness by the defense, the prosecution will likely try to demonize the defense for it and contend that Celeste is a hapless victim of an unfaithful husband.

  • Robo

    I have in the past been a Holmberg fan but this is too much.
    Mark, is there not something better bigger more interesting than this kind of gutter journalism?
    If this is what you have to do for a paycheck… wow … good luck.

  • ryan gardner

    This report is just trash….the former Gov and his wife were caught with their pants down and thats the end of their sordid story. Its time for Mark to do real reporting.

  • John

    As for as where johnnie lives, why not show it? You show where the homeless lives and then the rich spoiled kids comes and beats them to death because their homeless. I find it interesting as to what the nuked pills he was selling could buy him. So yes I guess you could say some may have it in for him and may want to cause him harm but, but he shouldn’t be selling drugs that have no proven worth. How many payed and is that much poorer. I hate to think of people holding car washs to raise money for this wonder drug. He a pos for ripping of people in such a way, false hope. Yea lets see what the money got him and take it all back.

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