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Washington Redskins take a knee… for love

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RICHMOND, Va. -- "Hail to the Redskins, Hail Matrimony..."

A Washington Redskins fan made his trip to training camp one to remember Friday morning. He organized quite a trick play when he surprised his girlfriend with a Redskins-themed marriage proposal.

Washington Redskins proposal

Josh Firestone, of Baltimore County, Maryland, dropped to one knee in front of the Virginia is for Lovers LOVE sign at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center and popped the question to his girlfriend Halley Weinstein.

Firestone said the couple attended training camp last summer on their way to Virginia Beach. He said he knew then he wanted to propose during this year's training camp.

"She always tells me 'you gotta be creative, you gotta be thoughtful.' It would be too cliche on the beach, she would suspect it too much," he said. "I really wanted to have the element of surprise."

Weinstein, who said yes, was surprised and thrilled.

"I kind of blacked out for a second," she said. "It was amazing. I can't believe it."

Redskins 05

After the proposal, the couple was allowed onto the field where they met Firestone's favorite player, DeAngelo Hall. Hall signed Firestone's jersey -- perhaps his first engagement gift.

Redskins 06

Firestone said despite their shared love of the Redskins, for him, it's fiancee -- then football.

"Our relationship always comes first, to every thing," he said. "The Redskins come second."

Good answer Josh, good answer.


  • Timmy McFadden

    He’ll come to regret this day. In a short time, she will have babies. She’ll get fat, and cut him off if you know what I mean. Then she’ll walk. She’ll make false allegations, then she’ll walk and collect child support, alimony, get the house, and all of the savings. Then when she decides to move far away, he won’t have the money to travel and see his own children. That’s how works. He should run…far and fast, and not look back before it’s too late.

    • rich

      ok, guess thats what happened to you. sorry to hear that. And thats not how it works; thats just how it went for you unfortunately. some people last, some dont for some reason or another.

      • Timmy McFadden

        That’s how American women work. He should back away while he can and get a foreign wife. At least they don’t get fat.

    • KM

      Wow, you my friend are bitter! Haha. sorry your relationship turned out that way, doesn’t mean everyone’s will!

    • Melissa

      I know Halleys parents..since we were in college. Her mom is still as beautiful as she was at 18 so shut up stupid lol

  • Deborah Brooks

    Ah so sweet and I got to witness the whole thing in motion. Best Wishes to you both. God bless your union together.

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