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‘We’re not trying to hide crime’ police chief touts new crime database

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Richmond Police Chief Ray Tarasovic said the department's new online crime database will not only add a level of transparency to what police do, but he said he hoped it would help encourage neighbors to take a more active role in community policing.

"We're not trying to hide crime, we want people to know what's going on in their communities," Chief Tarasovic said.

The crime database -- called RAIDS Online -- maps and analyzes city crime.

Click to open the new Richmond crime database.

Click to open the new Richmond crime database.

The Richmond Police Department touted the following features:

  • Map – Crime type, street-level address, location type and date & time are displayed.
  • Data Grid – Columns of crime data can be sorted using several variables.
  • Analytics Graphs help users visualize crime trends in their area using a variety of parameters.
  • Metadata – Information highlights the source and accuracy of points on the map which improve transparency and trust in the information.


  • spaz1960

    “We’re not trying to hide crime…” – You couldn’t hide it if you tried, it stares every singe City resident, visitor, employer, employee and visitor in the face every day. Just read the news…

  • RVA Excapee (RPS spelling)

    Obama lies. McAwful lies. Mugabe Jones lies. And Tarasovic lies for him. This is why he was selected to head the RPD Bureau of Internal Security, an Occupying Force. But this is only for the small crimes like murder, assault, theft and the like. The great crimes of graft and corruption by His Dishonor go unreported and unremarked.

  • Transparency?

    Appears Transparent, that new era Policing, in conjunction with Government/Media, Inc,.
    now omits descriptions and other known facts as Standard Practice. That’s Not a known
    Public Safety Advisories Technique for the residents in the areas affected.

  • mbaker9105

    Well, that’s a bit strange….I went in and selected only “homicide” and “attempted homicide” and only 2 little black blips show up on the whole map? Or is it just me. What’s the point of a database that only contains information that YOU want to put in it? Or is that about the “image” of the City?

    • mbaker9105

      Scratch that. It appears the default data range is 2 weeks…I went back to the full year, more info….still seems a little low though….ah well…

    • mbaker9105

      You’re right, I remember I think is was about 1989 160 murders? However, this is of little consolation to the current victims families I would think….one is too many.

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