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‘We’re not trying to hide crime’ police chief touts new crime database

RICHMOND, Va. — Richmond Police Chief Ray Tarasovic said the department’s new online crime database will not only add a level of transparency to what police do, but he said he hoped it would help encourage neighbors to take a more active role in community policing.

“We’re not trying to hide crime, we want people to know what’s going on in their communities,” Chief Tarasovic said.

The crime database — called RAIDS Online — maps and analyzes city crime.

Click to open the new Richmond crime database.

Click to open the new Richmond crime database.

The Richmond Police Department touted the following features:

  • Map – Crime type, street-level address, location type and date & time are displayed.
  • Data Grid – Columns of crime data can be sorted using several variables.
  • Analytics Graphs help users visualize crime trends in their area using a variety of parameters.
  • Metadata – Information highlights the source and accuracy of points on the map which improve transparency and trust in the information.

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