Go inside ‘Young House Love’ home for sale in Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – Thousands of people read Richmond DIY gurus Sherry and John Petersik’s blog Young House Love and like the couple’s Facebook page to learn tips on how to make their own home a prettier place to live. Now the Petersiks have taken the “Y” out of DIY and designed a home ready for you to buy and call your own.

The home, built by Biringer Builders and located at 7812 Rock Cress Drive in Moseley, is on the market for $649,000. Here are 32 pictures of the home.

Last year John Petersik announced  Richmond Homearama asked Young House Love to design a home for 2014 event.

“This is a whole new challenge for us in many ways,” he blogged. “Planning an entire house design at once (from scratch on a wooded lot). Working with a new construction (which we’ve never done before). Designing for someone else (each of the homes are sold after the event). Budgeting with someone else’s money (cue the maniacal laughs).”

Earlier this year, John posted video of the home while it was under construction.

Real estate agent Erin Hungerford said the four bedroom, three and a half bath, 3,564 square-foot home has “craftsmanship and attention to detail in this home will be hard to find anywhere else.”


  • Kat

    Sweet Jesus, that is a hot mess of a house! It’s clear they tried to copy Sarah Richardson in every room and failed miserably. And what is with the horrible shadows from the light fixtures in every room?
    Hope the builder didn’t loose too much $ on that business deal

  • Casey

    It’s just so…. mis-matched and cluttered looking. I think they must be color blind. I guess if you stripped out all of their choices in furniture and decor, and changed some of those horrible light fixtures…. the bones of the house are okay. But if you have to do that to get a livable house… you might as well build or buy something else.

  • Need Employment!

    Too bad they don’t build homes for homeless Veteran’s. I served and I am a Veteran’s widow. I list my job over three years ago followed by losing my home to foreclosure. My son and I lived in motels until he went to live with a family friend. Not able to afford motels, I slept in my van for several months. I currently stay in my son’s apartment sleeping on his love seat. Yesterday while making brownies to surprise my son (he stays with his girlfriend’s family a few days of the week!), a policeman knocked on the door to tell me that my 19 year old filled out the papers to have me evicted. I will have 30 dates to pack up and leave! I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. I never dated after my husband of 19 years passed away suddenly. Everything I own is in storage and I am behind in my payment by two months. I owe approximately $400.00 and and very upset that it may go to auction. I have worked hard with my son and he has been number one in my life, however, he has been so mean to me. He received his dad’s GI Bill and a government grant to pay for school and his rent, but decided after one year of community college, he quit. He was studying to be an Engineer. Game stations and girlfriend kept his attention. He hasn’t found a job to help pay his rent so he won’t be able to pay it in August. He is wasting his life. I cook, clean and sell my plasma for some gas and groceries to share. I have been called names and treated horrible, but hope and pray that someday my son will acquire his education and be a productive citizen. I have applied for many jobs and have an interview next week….I am hoping and praying I become employed so I can move into a motel until I get on my feet. I cannot live with my son because he texted me and told me he wants me out of his life! I have slept in my van before and can do it again! I will never be able to afford a half-million dollar home, and cannot see why houses are being built for the rich and not for the middle class. Only in America!

  • jon

    I’m sure everyone who is making critical comments here has also created an extremely lucrative and successful career out of DIY projects…so much so that household names like Target have taken notice. Who cares if they’re not “designers”. The next generation of homebuyers aren’t hiring designers…they’re going on the Young House Love blog and figuring it out themselves. These folks have cracked the code on something and helped put RVA on the map. Thanks YHL.

  • Susan Rivers

    I like Young House Love but this looks a little too “trying to be different” . I appreciate the eclectic feel the house but I think it was overdone at times. Pretty but somewhat childish in ways.

  • Paula Smith

    It looks like they tried to be different and cool by accessorizing everywhere. To me this is just trendy decorating. Hey lets go to Homegoods and just put everything we buy in there kinda thing.

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