VIDEO: Security footage appears to show chair rearranging itself in empty theatre

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ROMFORD, England — A security camera in an English theatre has captured video of what appears to be a chair moving on its own.

Brookside Theatre wrote on the YouTube posting that the footage was recorded at 4:15 a.m. on Sunday, July 27.

Jai Sepple, theatre manager, told the Romford Recorder he noticed the chair sitting at an odd angle and decided to check the security footage from the night before.

“We’ve had so many strange things happen over the years but this has to be the freakiest,” Sepple told the Recorder.

Adding to the weirdness, Sepple said a medium visited the theatre Saturday for readings.


  • bpgagirl22vanow

    I looked over this for several minutes and I’m a seer and what I saw was after the chair moved, from the upper right down diagonally to the center was a stream of light THEN I noticed over in the left edge at the upper corner of the double door there was a white circular light then towards the end there was a “dash” of light that came from the front of the theatre towards the moved chair. These are definitely paranormal activity and it’s very active.

  • Really people

    How is this news. It’s a bird/bat flying around and it hit the stupid chair. Come on people you can see it fly past the camera at least twice.

  • jenny

    Really People: look at it again. The chair slides, it isn’t knocked over. A bat can’t make the chair slide, not to mention there is no bat in the frame while the chair moves. It would take a huge bat to move a chair anyway and one that large would definitely show up. What you are seeing in the air are orbs flying around.

  • Samantha

    Uh yea, the chair def moved on its own and there were flashes of light throughout, y’all believe what y’all want, those were orbs and that room is alive w them!

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