Woman blames state ‘miscalculation’ when rain turns backyard into river

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Betty Sharp has lived in her Chesterfield County home for more than 40 years. She said she's always had issues with runoff in her backyard, but it had recently gotten worse.

Sharp said since a Virginia State Police facility on Midlothian Turnpike was built in 2010, excessive storm water from a pipe has made its way into her yard.

"It comes in and just rushes down like a brook," Sharp said.

Sharp said she has met with someone from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality at her home about her concerns and the damage it's causing.

"In fact, they've been here two or three times," she said.

She said her family has also reached out to State Police and the county. But despite the efforts, she said she's still dealing with the mess after each storm.

"It's washing out down at the road, down in the bottom, it's doing a lot," she said.

When asked to address Betty's concerns, a state police spokeswoman said the garage was built in the northwest portion of the State Police property. She said it was built in accordance and compliance with all local and state building codes.

A DEQ spokesman said there may have been a miscalculation on the amount of water flowing in the project onto other areas when the initial approval was given.

The spokesman said that could be why Sharp and her husband are getting so much water on their property.

"It's very frustrating," said Sharp. "It's just deteriorating the value of our property."

The DEQ said they have been in contact with the family. Sharp said someone from the department is meeting with her again on Friday about the issue. State Police said they have also been in conversation with the family about the concerns.

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  • mbaker9105

    Have similar problem behind my house, state culver that follows the backyards below the state-maintained road above it, it gets clogged with leaves and trash people stupidly throw out of their cars. The state will clean the culvert, there is a page on DMV to get a crew to do that. However, as far as an average lot, check your deed / platt or whatever. Their are certain government right of ways/easements. So whether the Government puts something there isn’t your choice, but they should do it properly. The fix may be they come in and take some of her property to build up or properly fix / routhe the current drainage. Such is life….you may end up with no drainage, but less property and something ugly on that part….no-win situation. Might even affect the property value, but the government may or may not pay a one time payment to “purchase” that easement. Hard to live anywhere in urban areas without this type of issue

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