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Murdered 14-year-old texted boyfriend from woods: ‘OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped’

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DETROIT — A 14-year-old girl killed while she was walking her dog in a rural area north of Detroit last week sent an ominous text message to her boyfriend the night she went missing that read, “OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped.”

April Millsap left her parents’ home on Thursday to walk the family’s border collie along a nearby trail. A couple found the teen’s body 15-20 feet off the trail. Penny, the border collie, was found “guarding” the girl’s body.


Police have not said how they think Millsap was killed, only confirming they know she was not shot or stabbed.

The girl’s boyfriend and her family members have been interviewed “but they are not considered suspects in her death,” according to

Armada Police Officer Vesco told several media outlets the cause of death will be held back until the killer is arrested and charged.

Police said a text message was sent from Millsap’s phone that read: “OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped.”

“I can confirm that that message was sent out,” the police chief told WJBK. “We’re taking it with that in mind, however we just know that it came from April’s cell phone. Other than that, we’re not commenting.”

Police have received over 500 tips about the girl’s death. Cops are now searching for a male suspect with “sandy brown or reddish hair.”


  • country life

    Not all woman are how you describe. men can be the same way and to say this about a 14 yr old child who was kidnapped and murdered shows you have no respect for life. Might be reason your woman left you and socked it to you dude. Have respect kind caring heart you might find a good woman. RIP April!! Gone to soon and prayers for her family

    • Rae Weatherford

      Dear Country Life, please do not pay any attention to Timmy, he seems to not have a life at all, he comments often and loves to belittle women, he is seriously mentally troubled! Not to mention a huge jerk :)

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