TRAFFIC: Lanes closed I-95 north near Willis Road in Chesterfield

Time square character slugs officer, lands behind bars

NEW YORK — Spider man was arrested after punching an NYPD veteran police officer.

A twenty-five year old man dressed as Spider-man became unruly and slugged a police officer after the officer told the man to stop harassing tourists in New York’s Times Square, according to

Police say the officer interceded after Junior Bishop demanded at least $5 from a woman he posed for a picture with, instead of the $1 she offered.

The officer told Bishop he could only accept tips — not require payment.

Police say a yelling, cursing Bishop broke free from arrest after failing to produce identification and punched the officer in the face.

Other officers arrived and hauled Spider-man away.

Bishop was charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and criminal mischief.



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