Where’s the beef? Naked burglars steal burgers, bacon

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BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. – Police in Florida were searching for three men who were clad either in underwear briefs or their birthday suits when they broke into a popular beach-front restaurant and stole dozens of hamburgers, according to television station WXTX.

The incident occurred at Doc Beach’s House in Bonita Springs at about 3 a.m. on Sunday.

Surveillance video showed the thieves walking around the kitchen nude or wearing briefs and looking around the food storage area for several minutes, the station reported. In addition to the burgers, the men also took three red peppers and some bacon.


The total value of the food was estimated at about $150, according to the station.

Detectives said they found red bell peppers on the beach a few hours later.

“They seemed to be laughing and having a very good time while they were committing a felony,” Trish Routte of Crime Stoppers told WXTX. “Caught on video, we’re pretty sure that someone is going to be able to identify them, and they’re looking at having a whole new series of photos taken, this time with their clothes on in a jailhouse outfit.”


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