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Walmart offers teacher a 10-percent discount on school supplies

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RICHMOND, Va. – Parents and students are not the only ones who buy back-to-school supplies over the summer. Many teachers find themselves spending their own money to make sure their classrooms are properly stocked with supplies for students.

Now those teachers are getting a bit of a break. Retail giant Walmart announced it would offer teachers across the country a 10-percent discount on classroom supplies during Teacher Appreciation Week July 25 to 31.

“On average, teachers around the country spend about $1,000 readying their classrooms, and half of that comes from reaching into their own wallets to make sure students have what they need,” Walmart executive vice president Steve Bratspies said in a statement.

Here is how the program works:

  • Shop Walmart stores for classroom supplies.
  • Visit www.walmart.com/teachers by August 15 to register receipts
  • Savings on eligible items from select departments* will be delivered on a Walmart eGift card via email

Editor’s Note: The special deal does not apply to Walmart.com purchases. Items from Walmart’s stationery and crafts department are eligible for the discount. Visit www.walmart.com/teachers for terms and conditions.


  • WalmartSucks

    Walmart is nothing but a shit store only wanting to make money they care about no one but how much more money they can line their pockets with, they don’t even care about their employees, what store will have orientation and during that orientation tell these new employees to take advantage of public assistance because that is what it is there for. Red flag right there that they don’t pay their employees enough money to live off of.

  • Seriously?

    I suppose it’s better than nothing but having to give up your email address and having to spend it back at WalMart isn’t really a savings I don’t think

  • Sherry

    I love Walmart. I treat it like it’s my store and when I have a complaint or a praise I always find a manager and tell all. They always listen and I’ve shopped at many.
    Walmart also gives older people a chance to work and the handicapped. They help out the community and raise money when some families need help. I love my walmart and thank you for the 10% discount

  • phyllis beebe

    10% for a teacher buying out of her own pocket? I am so amazed that Walmart has teachers back – NOT!!! Walmart will not even notice losing the few pennies the teachers are saving on 10%. This is just a marketing ploy!! They are so disgusting!!!!!

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